A Cuddly Cutie…

A Cuddly Cutie – Christina

Today I wanted to circle little Christina in prayer. She is such a little cutie who loves to cuddle! When I first met Christina she was still so small she couldn’t really walk around but it’s amazing how much she’s grown since then! She loves to be held and spend time with other people, and now that she’s bigger she can play with her older brothers and sisters too! This cute girl has a sweet smile that fills up her face and I love to hear her laugh!

Today I want to pray that she will grow up in the Lord and become a godly young woman that continues to pour out God’s love to those around her. I pray that she will have a compassionate heart that is moldable to God’s purpose for her life and that reaches out to the lost and lonely. I pray that she realizes the impact of small acts of love like sharing a smile or holding a child have had in her own life and how they can reach other kids in her own community. I pray that God will use Christina in big ways and that people will come alongside her to support and encourage her as she grows and as she lives her life for the Lord.

I pray God will provide her the resources needed to reach people for Him and that she will never have to worry about her own needs as she trusts God to provide all that she needs. I’m praying for sponsors to join her family tree to help love her as she grows up as a child of God. There are 5 more spots for sponsors in her family tree! Here’s Christina’s sponsorship page if you want to learn more about her, see some other adorable photos, and commit to sponsoring her:



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