A Spark Within

Today I want to pray circles around sweet Roselandy. This little girl has grown so much since I first met her and she has developed such a beautiful heart and a love for life! I love her sweet smile and her loving personality. She has a joyful heart and loves to be silly! As she is getting bigger she is able to spend more time hanging out and playing with her older siblings. She loves playing and loving on people.

Today I want to pray that little Roselandy never loses that spark she has within, that characteristic that sets her apart with her joy, love, and passion for life. I pray that the Holy Spirit dwelling within her will continue to set her apart from the world around her. I pray that she remains zealous for life and that one day she will use that zeal to make a great impact for the kingdom of God.

I pray that she will grow in faith and love and that God will teach her how best to reach out and love those around her. Praying that God will mold and make her into the woman He desires her to be. Also, praying for 5 sponsors to step forward to join sweet Roselandy’s family tree, to be a part of making a difference in her life.

Here’s the link to her personal sponsorship page:


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