World Changer

Today I want to pray for Presley! I absolutely love this little guy and his great smile! He is so friendly and always has a big, beautiful grin on his face! He is a respectful child that helps out when he can. He also loves to have fun! He enjoys being silly and joking around but he always does so in the sweetest way. I know that this boy will be a great leader someday. He is already exhibiting his influence on those around him by the way he relates to others and how he loves and serves them. I pray God’s providence for this sweet boy today, that He’ll watch over Presley.

I’m praying Presley will grow up having a deep, personal relationship with his Lord and Savior. I’m praying that he’ll continue to love those around him through serving them, humbly and respectfully. I pray that he’ll keep his joyous smile, no matter what circumstances he faces. I pray he’ll be a rock for his siblings and those around him, that he’ll be steady and constant in his faith throughout joys and trials.

I pray that he’ll realize the impact he can have for the kingdom of God as he generously serves and loves those he comes in contact with, knowing that the small things – the smiles and simple acts of service – are ultimately what change the world, one person at a time.

Would you consider partnering with this sweet boy as he grows into the man God desires him to be, as he grows in faith and influence? Would you support him in becoming a world-changer? Would you be a part of his family tree? There are 7 sponsor spots left! Check out more at his personal sponsorship page:

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