A Precious Child…


Today I want to circle Aime in prayer! This precious little girl is such an adorable child and she loves being around people, and being held. It’s so sweet to see the way her orphanage mamas and older sisters hold and love her. Today I just want to pray for this sweet girl, that she’ll grow up knowing the Lord and that she’ll understand the love He has for her far exceeds the love anyone on earth could show her. I pray that she keeps her sweet and loving heart and that she will grow in her understanding of love and compassion and be able to pour them  out on those around her.

I pray that she’ll remember the love shown by her family at the orphanage and that she will grow up wanting to love children in that same way, to hold a sweet baby or comfort a crying child, helping to further the reach of God’s love. Also, I want to pray for sponsors for sweet Aime. She has room for 5 more in her family tree, would you consider sponsoring her? The end of October is drawing near which means so is the end of ”The Forest for the Trees” sponsorship drive with NWHCM. Would you consider, in these last days of October, how you could help out to make a difference in the life of a child? Would you consider becoming a part of their family? Please check out the sponsorship page of Aime to see more stories and pictures of her life:


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