A Masterpiece…

A Masterpiece – Markendy

Photo credit: Lisa Fowler

Photo credit: Lisa Fowler

Today I’m praying for Markendy! This little guy is so fun! He loves playing soccer and also playing jokes on people, he’s a little ornery! He likes being a bit mischievous but he’s such a great kid.  I loved being able to hang out with him this summer, we had such fun and became fast friends! He has a huge heart and will always be a friend to anyone in need of one. He loves hanging out with people and making these new friends. Even with all of his silliness, Markendy can be pretty serious. There are some absolutely breath-taking photos of this little guy, so serious with eyes that hold so much story and emotion. It causes you to remember that at such a young age, this beautiful child has already gone through a lot. I praying that Markendy will trust God to be the Lord of his life and that he’ll realize God can use all things for good, all of our past sins and heartbreaks He can make into a beautiful masterpiece. I feel like that describes Markendy, a masterpiece of God. God is using his life for good and I pray that he’ll grow in letting God transform and use his life to impact others. I pray that he will keep the joy of the Lord in his heart throughout life’s trials. I’m praying that as he grows older, Markendy will grow in love and compassion for others. I pray he continues to make new friends regardless of how similar or different they are from him. I pray that God will give him the eyes to see those in need of a friend. I’m also praying that God will call sponsors to join Markendy’s family tree! There are 6 spots for individuals or groups committed to seeing the transforming power of God unleashed in Haiti and committed to coming alongside this sweet boy in sponsorship. Check out his sponsorship page to learn more:


Also, check out this absolutely adorable photo of Markendy playing soccer!

Photo credit: Beth Lockwood

Photo credit: Beth Lockwood

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