A Valuable Friend…

A Valuable Friend – Emmanuel

Today I want to pray for Emmanuel! He is such a sweet kid with a heart overflowing with love and joy! He has the greatest smile and it’s always on his face! His joy is just bubbling up and it’s contagious! Manu becomes fast friends with new people he meets and he loves being around people and having fun! He loves to run or play sports or just play in the dirt. He has such a compassionate and loving heart too. He is so sweet in the way he loves and cares for others and how he values them and makes them feel welcomed. His compassionate heart and joy-filled smile draw people to him and serves as a great example to others. I pray that God will continue to work through this little guy’s life. I pray that he will continue to draw his joy and love from the Lord and that he will freely pour these things out to others. I pray that he lives life with open hands, ready to receive and ready to give. I pray he will always believe and hope for the miracles God can provide and that he will in turn give generously of the wealth the Lord has blessed him with, whether that be resources or time or compassion or service. I pray that his example in the way he lives his life, openly and obediently to God, will encourage others to live their lives for the Lord. I pray that God will just watch over this sweet child, that He will protect him through life’s trials. I pray that Emmanuel trusts completely in the Lord’s promise to work things out for good in his life and that he will never worry about the material things of this world, but rather have his heart and mind continually focused on Christ. I pray that God will continue to place people in Emmanuel’s life to become friends with, those who need love or care. I also pray that God will call sponsors to help support this sweet boy through his life, to partner with him and be a part of his family tree! There’s room for 5 more! Would you check out his sponsorship page and consider sponsoring him today?



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