A Mix of Sweet and Silly…

A Mix of Sweet and Silly – Jenny

Today we’re circling Jenny in prayer! She is one of the sweetest and funniest kids I know. She loves having fun and playing games with her siblings! Usually this involves some games she came up with as she is super creative and imaginative. Also, she has the greatest laugh and she loves being silly and taking tons of silly photos! Like her big brother Pierreson, Jenny is also a huge help to the mamas in looking after the little ones, she loves to love and care for them! Some times during this summer she would be so funny and just plain silly and then there were times where she just came up and gave me a huge hug. And I am just challenged by this sweet and gentle way she loves others. Today I pray that she continues to grow in her love for others as she looks out for the neglected and unloved that God places in her path. I pray she can show them just a glimpse of the love Christ has for them through her caring heart. I also pray that she will never lose her joy, that it will remain firmly rooted deep in her heart through all of life’s circumstances. I’m praying that there will be 6 more sponsors to join sweet and silly Jenny’s family! Would you consider joining her family of support and loving and caring for her through her life? Here’s the link to Jenny’s sponsorship page, go ahead and check it out:


Jenny being creative and building herself a little room!

Photo credit: Beth Lockwood

Photo credit: Beth Lockwood

Okay, this is the seriously the sweetest picture of Jenny with brother Kenny at the Mole orphanage!

Photo credit: Haylee Barros

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