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A Content Heart – Wilgens

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Today I want to circle Wilgens in prayer! This little guy is so joyful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without his bright shining smile on his face! He always has this big grin on his face and it’s so genuine, something that really sets him apart. His heart is full of joy and I truly believe he is content and loving life! I think that we sometimes underestimate what it means to be content and the power in that. I think Wilgens really has a content and joyful heart and it is so challenging to see; it encourages me to seek my joy and satisfaction from the Lord and to let that overflow into my life like that. Wilgens just loves living life and having fun; he loves playing games with his siblings. He also is a huge help to the orphanage mamas as he cares and looks after his younger brothers. Today I’m praying that Wilgens will never, ever lose that bright beautiful smile! I pray that throughout life’s circumstances and trials that he will always have this deep-rooted joy in his heart. I pray that as others see his genuine smile they’ll wonder why and how he can be so joyful and content in this world. And I pray that God will give him the words to answer those questions as he uses his life to continually point to the power of God. I pray he keeps this genuineness and honesty, I pray that he doesn’t learn to fake contentment and happiness but let’s God fill him with super-natural joy and satisfaction with life. I pray he knows that his joy and hope are in the Lord and that means that no matter what circumstances come his way, he can remain unshaken in his faith in the Lord. I pray that this sweet boy will continue to grow a heart full of compassion as he continues to serve and help others around him. I pray that he will serve as an example to his younger brothers and that he will help them when they are in need. And I pray that there will be sponsors to help support Wilgens in his life. There’s room for 4 more in his family tree! Will you seriously and prayerfully consider joining this sweet, joyful boy’s family today? Check out his sponsorship page to join his family today:


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