An Energized Smile…

An Energized Smile – Kiki


Today I want to pray over Kiki! This little guy is so full of joy and his sweet smile is so contagious! He is such a happy kid who loves playing ball and other games! He also loves playing at the beach, in the sand and water! He is just full of energy all the time! He doesn’t seem to tire or lose his sweet, bright smile! He loves hanging out with friends just being silly and having fun. And that of course includes taking silly photos; he’s a photogenic little guy! Anyway, today I want to pray for Kiki, that he’ll keep the joy of the Lord deep in his heart and that he won’t hesitate to showcase it to others by his actions and smiles! I pray that as he grows, Kiki will realize the importance of being a true friend to others and how his energetic and joyful heart can help him be there for others to cheer them up. I pray he’ll continue to spend time playing together and building relationships with his siblings and that they’ll be there for each other all throughout life. I pray that God will continue to replenish his strength and energy and that he’ll be able to keep going (50 feet further!) in everything he does for the Lord! I pray God will work through Kiki to further His kingdom and do His will on earth. I pray that Kiki realizes that God works through our weaknesses and that this is a major testament to the power of God to all who are watching our lives. So whenever Kiki does feel tired or worn down by life, that he’ll just use those moments to glorify God even more by allowing God to work through his weaknesses instead of relying on his own strength. For when we are weak, then we are strong with God! Join me in praying for this sweet and smiley boy today! Also, prayerfully consider joining his family tree today! There are 6 sponsors needed till Kiki is fully funded! Would you join him today? Check out his sponsorship page here:




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