A Hilarious Heart

A Hilarious Heart – Rovenson

Today is Rovenson’s day! This little guy really grabbed a hold of my heart this summer and we became buddies! Rovenson is quite the mischievous one of the little ones at the orphanage. He’s a little ornery and he can get his grumpy face and attitude when he gets upset. But this little guy also has a huge heart! He loves to cuddle and be held and whenever I saw him this summer he would run up and want to be picked up! Seriously, I gained some muscles this summer from always carrying this kid around! I can’t even describe how sweet Rovenson is and how much I love this little guy! He’s such a sweetheart who loves hanging out with others and being loved on. He loves to play and be silly! And he absolutely loves balloons!!! I think one of the funniest moments from this summer was the Meridian team’s birthday party for the orphanage, complete with balloons and fun! Rovenson loved these blue balloons that he got to play with and had such incredible joy and laughter, until the wind blew the balloons away and they popped! Such joy to such sadness and tears in just a split second! But we would quickly have him run over to get a new balloon and he’d start the whole emotional roller coaster over again! Rovenson does have such a joy in his heart and his smile and laugh are absolutely precious! Like I said, he loves being silly and especially making funny faces and taking silly photos! He is such a goofball full of energy and laughter! Anyway, like I said, this little guy really took a piece of my heart and today I want to pray over him. I pray that he will keep his laughter and joy and that he won’t let the petty things of life rob him of that joyful spirit! I pray he will never grow too old to be silly and have fun and that he will be able to incorporate these characteristics into his life at the proper times. I pray that God will give him opportunities to express his joy and also grow in mastering his emotions and being able to have that contentment and joy no matter what external circumstances bring. I also pray that he will continue to build deep relationships with others, especially his orphanage family of brothers and sisters. I pray that he will stand up for them and encourage and lead them as he grows into the godly man God desires him to be. And I pray that the relationship he fosters the most will be his relationship with God, that he’ll value that relationship above all others and take into consideration God’s words over being swayed by the world. I pray that he will build that firm foundation of faith that can serve for a basis for other fruit of the Spirit to grow in his life. I pray that God will watch over this precious child of His and that He will mold Rovenson to be more like Christ everyday through the situations he faces. Would you join me in praying over this sweet child today? And would you prayerfully consider “stepping out of the boat” to sponsor Rovenson? Would you join his family tree of support and become a part of his life? This little guy only needs 3 more sponsors to be fully funded! Would you join in to help fully support him and help NWHCM grow a forest of family trees full of support and love! Check out his sponsorship page here:


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