Our Fourth Annual Women’s Conference…

We are into Day 2 of our Women’s Conference!! What a great two days it has been!!


Morning Session:

My mom spoke during our morning session yesterday about Holy Soup.  Each ingredient in the soup represented a characteristic of Jesus! Then every time she heard someone gossip, or said a bad word, or had evil thoughts, or made fun of someone – she’d put a pinch of salt in it. Before you knew it the soup was so salty you couldn’t eat it. This spoke right into our theme for the conference:  James 3:11 – Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?  She really did a GREAT job and held everyone’s attention. (Apparently I was so into it myself I forgot to take a picture) :(

We then passed out hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches.

Afternoon Session:

This is Christ in action! The ladies broke into groups and spent a few hours making house calls, inviting women to the revival, praying with the families, and being the hands, feet, and face of Jesus!


Last night we had a pastor from Gonaives preach! He talked about how when we accept Christ – we are born again – which means our thoughts, our hearts, our actions – everything should be different than it was before. Many times we change for a week, or a month, or maybe even a year. But if we are really changed it should be something that everyone sees. When Christ is in us it should be so evident that we don’t even have to tell people – they can just see it.  Our eyes, ears, and thoughts cannot go back to the way they were before we knew Christ. If people can’t see Christ in us – than maybe it’s time to make a change.

Here is a random selection of videos that I strung together from last night’s Jesus Jam! I LOVE to worship and dance with these ladies! (Apparently so does my mom)! 🙂 The first part is the welcome song we sing to visitors. The last song though is my favorite – those women can Jump-Jump!


Morning Session:

I have given this speech before in the states but I’ve never done it in Haiti before. This morning I spoke to the ladies out of Matthew 13 – the Sower and the seeds! I gave examples of each of the 4 seeds applied it to what I see in Haiti….

Seed 1 – those are folks who just come to our events hoping to get something like candy or gifts….

Seed 2 – those are the folks who hear the Word and run down the aisle ready to accept Christ – but then their kid gets sick, their boat gets destroyed and they turn back to the witch doctor…..

Seed 3 – those are the ones who love Jesus – praise Him every Sunday – but they want a passport or they bury things to appease satan when things get too hard…..

Seed 4 – those are the ladies who walk all the way to Marouge to get a donkey for someone else, who show up on time for Bible study, they go to the 4am prayer services, they don’t mind walking all day to evangelize….

I’m pretty dramatic (shocking I know) so I acted out things I’ve seen our ladies do, voodoo that’s done in secret, and had several funny examples of myself! We laughed a lot but I also was able to speak a lot of truth into what I’ve seen –  being a missionary here most of my life.

Afternoon Session

The women will meet again at 2pm and visit another section of town to invite ladies to the revival, offer prayer for their needs, and continue to witness about Jesus!

We will have another Revival service tonight. My dad will preach tomorrow morning and then we will finish the conference off with an invitation to accept Christ tomorrow night.


On Monday our Women’s Group is having a special feast to celebrate all the Christ has done for us! We were supposed to have it this summer but I got sick and had to fly to the states. So Monday night will be a special treat for these beautiful ladies who have not only witnessed to this town….. but have shown me Jesus in more ways that I could ever imagine. It’s an honor to serve alongside them and to see the fruit over the past 4 years here.

Here are some random pictures from the last few days! Although NEARLY ALL of the Christmas decorations we had collected over the years had “disappeared” when we went to our storage in St. Louis to bring them here – we did find a few tubs of lights to add some abeyance… to make our revival festive.

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