Our 2014 Prayer Requests…

Much like Honi (the Great Circle Maker) our staff has their chalk, the circle has been drawn, and our knees are hitting the ground.

We have seen God answer our past circled prayers. Sometimes the answer was a resounding YES! Sometimes the answer was a soft NO. And….sometimes the answer was a hard but simple WAIT.

This past week our staff sat down together and came up with the following prayer list – which we will be circling this upcoming year. Each one of us is committed to spending an hour in prayer daily  for this ministry that God has called us to. We are asking YOU to lock shields with us, step inside the circle, and wear out your knees on behalf of the ministry that reaches the least of these.


  • The men will rise-up here in Mole St Nicolas. That they would be leaders within their home, the church,  and the community.
  • That our orphans and staff children will be healthy, become closer to Christ, learn to listen, and learn to respect one another.
  • Our church will be constructed in 2014.
  • Our church will bear fruit that will last and grow deeply in faith.
  • There would be 100 baptisms next year in the Mole.
  • The Karenage Women would wholly accept Jesus Christ and surrender to Him. That the entire village would change as result of their faithfulness.
  • Give strength, courage, and wisdom to both Haitian and American leadership.
  • That the mission will have a security wall that goes all the way around the campus.
  • That we will be able to open and expand our clinic and build an abuse center.
  • That Mme Certisse will have much needed surgery and will recover fully.
  • Our orphans will be fully sponsored – lacking nothing.
  • No programs will be shut done due to lack of funding.
  • Agenord will continue to lead the church and bring on some Timothy’s to learn underneath him.
  • Our women’s group will be united; no drama, no fighting, no gossip.
  • A group dorm would be constructed for our short-term missionaries.
  • Our school would function as it is meant to be – each class full and sponsored.
  • No more rats on campus! (Yes – you heard me)
  • The generator will not breakdown for more than 1 day.
  • God will give us a new truck or at least some new tires!
  • There will be no more sex-trade on the beach.
  • That both our ministry boat and truck would make it to Haiti this year.
  • That the fishing villages will continue to go deeper in their faith and understanding of Christ.
  • That our staff will remain united; showing more mercy, grace, compassion and love to one another. That our staff will be healthy and drama-free.
  • For a children’s minister to rise up and pour into our church’s children.
  • Enough hygiene products for the orphanage –bars of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • No sickness on Sundays! To stay healthy and strong so that we can serve well.
  • Abuse campaign – Education for schools, radio, churches, and community. To continue to define abuse and free the next generation.
  • To map out the Mole – home by home. To intentionally reach those who are enslaved, those that are abused, those who don’t know Jesus – and set them free.
  • That we will literally yield fruit – enough to feed our programs and the community.
  • No pregnancies within our youth group but instead a hunger and thirst for purity in Christ.
  • To keep our eyes fixed on Christ. That we may stand boldy with courage. That we will not veer to the left or to the right but move forward with God.
  • To provide ministry opportunities for the American Short-term missionaries that will be life changing.
  • That by this time next year more people will intimately know the name of Jesus than ever before. That we will be able to replicate the discipleship programs already in place –  for the men, women, teenagers, and children! That we can do this not only in our village but also the surrounding villages.

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