Christmas Eve Service…

On December 24th at 6pm, our Special Christmas Eve Service started. (Try to say that 3 times fast)

We opened the service with prayer. Then our ladies livened everything up by singing a Christmas song with such beautiful harmonies. Pierre shared about the Christmas Story. Then our staff passed out peanut butter sandwiches and hot chocolate. We had children of all ages participate- young and old!

Around 7pm we started a movie called – The Nativity Story. We played it in French. I really wasn’t expecting for everyone to stay for the whole movie. Our campus is located right across from the cemetery which unfortunately effects our evening services. Our beloved Haitian friends are often afraid to walk by the cemetery once it’s dark outside.

The church and those from the community were glued to the screen. It was so wonderful to see how much they enjoyed learning about the birth of Christ.

It was really beautiful to see the way our staff so selflessly served each and every person there. Some of them had been working since 6am just to make sure our service went well. I am so grateful to be working alongside such dedicated staff.

The pictures are a little blurry – but it gives you a tiny glimpse into our Mole Christmas!

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