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ABC’s and Interpreter Please

Posted on December 27, 2013 by coachin4christ


The first week we walked to Karanage to share the message of Jesus with the ladies, I told them of one of the first times I came to their village to have church with them. I went with some of the leadership from our church and at that time Marcel who had been teaching me Kreyol. He was leading the service this day. It was a regular service like we have, until Marcel put me on the spot and told…not asked…but told me to share a message with the people. I remember looking at him and saying are you crazy, I can’t do that. I don’t know enough Kreyol. He told me,” but you have the Holy Spirit”…how could I argue with that!! I took a deep breath, asked Jesus for help and then opened my mouth. All I remember is that I encouraged them to stay close to Jesus…to place there hearts in His hands and to trust Him and Him alone. I must have spoke for at least 10min. which is alot for someone who didn’t know a lot of Kreyol. After the service I asked Marcel why in the world he put me on the spot. As my teacher he was testing me, but as a believer he was getting me out of my comfort zone to trust in the Holy Spirit to help me. I asked him if the people understood what I shared and he told me they were very encouraged. I’ve never forgot that day and since then I’ve had similar moments like this.

Today was one of these moments…I woke up this morning again, like last week, with my heart racing, My emotions were overwhelming me to tears as I was unsure if the message was what needed to be shared. I ended up preparing a different message. I was led to the ABC’s of Salvation. I felt like after last week we needed to review these steps.Last week I explained what sin was. By showing them the illustration of the Bridge and that Jesus is our Bridge. Along with the Scriptures for the Roman Road. We had a lot of discussion and particapation last week. I love it when they participate!! It shows me they are listening and learning. Beautiful!!

I had posted on Facebook for all my faithful prayer warriors to pray for the hearts for each of the ladies. I asked for prayers for Kenson who would be interpreting, that the ladies would understand the message given. I asked that God’s truth would penetrate their hearts and that His Light would consume the darkness. I asked for you to pray that they would see Jesus and not me…to make me less and make Him more, His Words and not my own. I also asked for prayers for Momma Gigi as she shared her testimony from this past week. Our God really does have a sense of humor, because when I opened up Facebook to check my messages when I returned home…the first thing that popped up was a photo that read, “Keep Calm and Have Faith”. This is exactly what I had to have and had!!

I arrived in Karanage prepared and ready after a 40min walk with just me and the Lord. Singing and talking with Him to really calm my spirit as it was still racing. I was a bit early…as I usually am:>) so I sat down on a rock to wait for our ladies. As I sat there I realized I was hearing drums in the background. Now when I here drums here I assume something voodoo is going on. They kept beating and I kept praying. The ladies of Karanage set up service at a different spot than usual, which I found intriguing, because the sound of the drums were coming from the area we usually hold the service. Mmmmm! Our ladies began to show up all except Momma Gigi and M’NeNe and it was 3:00 and this is when we have service. On top of this Kenson had not showed up either. I was beginning to freak out just a tad!! I didn’t let on to the ladies, because I joked with them a bit. I ended up going off a ways and sending an SOS out for immediate prayer via Voxer to a couple people. Two minutes later Momma Gigi and M’NeNe arrive, but no Kenson. I knew right then I had to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead my words!!

We began the service with song and prayer and then it was my turn. I stood up looked at these precious ladies and said, “remember how I told you about one of the first times I spoke here was with the Holy Spirit interpreting for me, well guess what, looks like I have the opportunity to do it again.” They laughed, I laughed and my spirit was calm and at peace knowing He was in control. Momma Gigi was a great help when I got a bit stuck for words, but for most of the message I relied on Jesus alone. Which is part of what I brought to them. That I could not save them, that Momma Gigi can’t save them, that the witchdoctor can’t save them, but it is through Christ and Him alone that we are saved.( Incidently the ABC’s of Salvation are Admit-Believe-Confess) Sharing the scriptures with them and reading it to them in their language was so very powerful. Watching their faces and looking into their eyes and seeing some of that darkness begin to turn to light blew me away.

When we began this journey with the ladies one of the first things I made note of was looking into their eyes. I could see the darkness…the hardness. It was and is very real. As I took note today, I saw the Light and see the hardness gradually disappearing. This is why I began praying the scripture from Isaiah 9:2 that God brought to my attention,  ”The people who walked in darkness have seen A Great Light; Those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has Light Shone.” We pray that each of these ladies will see the Light of Jesus and will accept Him as their Lord and Savior. The incredible impact that can happen when one momma who is single with many children can have. She can impact her children and they can impact the whole community. (Just a side note, but when we began the service the drums ceased playing:)

Lord Jesus Make it So. Change their hearts Oh, God!! Change their hearts!!

Pray for these ladies and their children. Pray for this community.


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