Happy New Year!

The last several days have been a great time of family fellowship. Jose’s mom has been with us since Friday and will stay until January 10th. Last night she, Jose, & I made a special New Years Eve Dinner! YES I COOKED!!! All of our family including Miss Beth sat down together and enjoyed a great meal!

Last night the church held special services! They were giving testimonies, praying, singing, and dancing! What a great way to ring in the New Year! I love to see the church body come together and celebrate all that Jesus has done for them!

The cooks spent almost the ENTIRE night making pumpkin soup. This morning at 7am, Bena, Momma Gigi, Elirose, Celavie, & Beth went to KaPaFu. Unfortunately NO ONE was there! Last time this happened they told us that they took a boat to the Bahamas. The next week they were back – the coast guard caught them. Not sure if that’s what happened this year.

They came back to the Mole around 9am. Then our family jumped on the boat to head to Preskul! Since KaPaFu wasn’t home – we took their soup and blessed Karenage with it.  YES I GOT ON A BOAT!! I know two miracles right? Cooking and Boating!?! It really is a New Year!

I think it’s so important to minister as a family. The boys LOVED the boat. In fact it was all we could do to keep them from falling off of it  – as they loved to stick their hands in the water. Even though the girls weren’t too excited about the boat – I loved the way they ministered to the children once we got to the villages.

This afternoon our Ladies Group will be surprising our Karenage Discipleship Group with donkeys! I can already tell this village is changing. I was a little hesitant about giving them soup because last time we did this –  they pushed and shoved. Momma Gigi kept telling me that they weren’t the same village anymore. I was able to witness that today when we brought out the two large pots of soup and everyone stood around patiently. They were even telling each other not to take too much so ALL the village children could have something. They kept saying “Thank You” – over and over again! It made me teary-eyed seeing seeing the difference Jesus is already making there.

Here are some pictures from our busy New Year Morning!

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