Cayuga In The Mole Day 3…

Today has been one jam-packed day, but such an amazing one filled with endless fun, lots of laughter, and so many opportunities to share the word of God with the people here.

The first thing on our day’s agenda was the women’s bible study.  Becky did such an amazing job of connecting the stories of Rahab, Naomi, Ruth and Boaz by showing the women that the Bible not only fits together and works as a unit, but is also filled with stories of strong women who trusted God and were, in return, rewarded.

Following the women’s bible study, the group took a few of the little kids from the orphanage and ventured down to the beach.  The kids seemed near terrified of the water at first and refused to even leave our sides.  After a few minutes of starring at the water off in the distance as if it were some kind of monster, the kids finally waded in and let the water rush over their toes.  Though they didn’t enjoy it long, it was so much fun just being able to take them outside the gates and spend a little time with them one on one.

Shortly after, we ate a quick lunch and headed out for our big adventure of the day.  We were headed to a fishing village, a place that took us all back to the time of the caveman, so that we could minister to them and provide them with food packets filled with rice and the essential vitamins.  In order to get to this remote fishing village, we all piled into a boat, life jackets and all, and hit the waves.

The waves were large and the ride made me feel as if we had somehow ended up on the Tidal Wave (The Six Flags rollercoaster that gets you soaked).  It’s a good thing we aren’t back in Indiana with all of the deer, because the entire group is basically a giant walking salt lick after that ride.

Once we arrived at the fishing village we were all greeted with smiles and helping hands as the men of the village assisted in carrying the boxes of food up from the shore.  After handing out all of the food, the group got together and gave a little devotion for the people.  Helen read a book about the miracle of Jesus providing fish for Simon, Alisha and Pat spoke about trusting Jesus and read a few scriptures, and I closed us out with Jesus’ words with the Disciples in John chapter 16 and Jesus’ prayer in John chapter 17.

The people of the village were beyond receptive and it was an experience the group and myself won’t ever forget.  Tonight we have a movie night with the kids at the orphanage as well as the kids we invited from downtown yesterday during hut to hut.  I think we all decided on Cinderella, which, being the Disney movie fanatic I am, makes me so excited.  The ladies in the kitchen have started popping the popcorn, and the smell is so enticing!  Definitely a nice change from the usual rice and beans, though I know its not as healthy.

I am so thankful for this trip and all of the opportunities God has laid in the group’s hands.  I am thankful for the group He placed me in, for the passion they have in their hearts, and for the fire they have to share the love of Jesus.

As we head into our final full day here at the Mole, I have full faith in this team and this mission – – and I look forward to the many opportunities that still lie ahead for us.  Until tomorrow, Au revoir!  -Erika(:

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