PV Ladies Team…

We are enjoying beautiful weather and temperatures right now as we prepare for dinner after a busy day.

We arrived safely yesterday around 1 p.m.  I must say that our travel went so smoothly.  Plenty of time between connections and all the bags made it on the 9-passenger plane that flew us from Port-au-Prince to the Mole.  The Lord has been so faithful to us.   The only casualty was a broken jar of salsa in one of the suitcases.

After a good night sleep we had breakfast and walked to the beautiful beach, took time to love on the precious orphans and did some hut-to-hut evangelism.  We prayed with a young woman after we explained the salvation story to her and we pray that her heart was touch by the saving grace of Jesus.  We hope to follow up with her.

This afternoon we prepared for children’s church tomorrow and the activities we are planning for them.  Also, we became medical technicians for Jody in helping to sort and bottle medicine in her new clinic that is being built.  God is certainly showing his grace and mercy to us as we follow His lead.

Allen, the iron gates are still lookin’ good.  Please continue your prayers for us and the people of the Mole.  God is moving here!


  1. So glad the Ladies made it fine. We are thinking of all of you and proud of you! Have a great week & Allen wishes he was there! Betty we are taking good care of your “chair!!” We are excited to read the postings.
    Sharon & Allen

  2. I see you ladies and my beautiful wife have made it to the Mole. All of you seem to be enjoying the children as your smiles are as big as theirs. I know as the week goes on God will place smiles on the hearts of so many of his people there in the Mole because of the work you are doing.
    I pray that all of you have a great time as you see God at work in your lives as well as the people you see and touch everyday. Hi, Jodi and Jose, I look forward to seeing what has been going on sense I was there last year. Please post as many pictures as you can, I know that everyone following your trip will be as glad to see them as I am. May God Bless You All for the work you are doing for his Kingdom.


  3. Hi Adair –
    See you made it & everyone’s luggage!!! From the pictures it looks like you are really experiencing all you can! Take it all in…. It’s late… Just saw this post, but wanted to send you a note! Love you,

  4. Hi Adair
    Looks like you stepped into a world that we are not used to seeing but certainly needs the help that you are giving. Keep up the great work and enjoy the beauty that Haiti provides. Adair keep the faith, proud of your mission and have some fun.
    Love Dad

  5. Hi girls! The smiles say it all! Thank you for being obedient and following God’s call to go be part of His work there. Sarah – I see you have had some “me time” with Sophie and it looks like she may not want you to leave. Also, I think we can officially check off “love on some babies” from the list of things you plan to do!!! Although I’m sure there will be plenty more of that going on in the days ahead. Love you all and praying for God to continue to lead you to those seeking His truth.

  6. It melts my heart to see the love of God that you ladies are spreading in HAITI. the smiles on your faces and the faces of the children speak for itself! The sermon at PV this morning was about giving freely. Thank you for listening to God’s calling and giving of your time and resources to spread your love, the love of God and his Word.

    Dani.. Our love and prayers are with you. Cant wait to hear in depth about how you were blessed and how you blessed others with your beautiful smile and love. Keep pics and updates coming as you can! Love you bunches! aunt Becky

    1. Glad you made it safe and sound I could never get any messages till today glad you are having a good time loving on the children enjoy the beach and all Haiti has to offer God Bless you all Diane

  7. glad you made it lots of hugs for the children enjoy the beach and all Haiti has to offer praying you will reach the one’s who don’t know Jesus as their Savior and lead them to Christ see you soon Diane

  8. Can’t wait to see and hear what God does in and through you ladies. Make sure you give Fedna lots of love from Aunty Candy!!

  9. Good to see you all (and my sister Coleen Hilton) made it there. I love all the pictures. I am praying for your time there!

  10. Dani,Adair,May God keep you safe and healthy .What a blessing for these children and women to have you beautiful ladies to love on them and nd plant the seed of Jesus.

  11. Great pictures & I know that god is working! Allen,Jennifer & Blake are thinking of everyone!!

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