Heaven Celebrates….

We have spent the last several years praying for our truck driver Doumy – among others. We have been praying that they would accept Jesus….that they would want to follow Him. We’ve been circling their names – believing God for the miracle!

Pleasant Valley’s fall group made a special point to engage our staff – seeking them out to develop a relationship. Helen Whited (who was in our last team) picked up where their team left off….building on what they did. She sat down with Doumy and shared the plan of salvation. A day later Doumy went to the pastor and said he has decided to follow Jesus!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!

Sometimes we think we have to be busy – for busy’s sake. Sometimes we think we have to plan every single second out while we do ministry. But SOMETIMES – God just wants you to sit down and engage those around you. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is listen and love just one person.

Doumy has been watching teams do ministry for years- often driving them to other villages. He saw something REAL. He saw something GENUINE. He saw the face of Jesus. Don’t underestimate God’s ability to use you to reach the lost! Because teams took the time to reach out to him – he gets to see all of them again in Heaven!


  1. Hello there! Greetings to you and your team in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Loughborough, England!

    I have been following your posts since we returned to the UK from a three week trip to Haiti. We spent a very happy and memorable two days in Mole St Nicholas and one day should love to return.
    How great that Duomy was baptised on the same day as Jesus!!! Well at least as we celebrate it in the Anglican church over here!
    When you have a moment I should like to discuss with you the possibility of my wife and I coming out to the Mole for a period. I am coming to the end of my career as a cancer physician and seeking new adventures.
    I will when I manage to carve out a few seconds be in touch by email. In the meantime much love to you and all the gang in the Mole.

    Martin Dyer

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