PV Ladies Day 3…

Last night we got to show a fun movie to the orphans and some local kids complete with popcorn and candy.  It was fun to hold some kids in our laps who had the opportunity to forget how hard their lives are for an hour and just laugh at the silly things happening on the big screen with a belly full of popcorn!

We’ve had a great Monday here in the Mole.  We had a record number of women show up for our first Bible Study.  They must have heard Betty was teaching and came from miles away to hear—some ladies even walked for 40 minutes (with 2 year old twin boys) just to attend.

Betty shared a lesson on the Psalms and showed the ladies how to read a psalm and understand to deeper meaning.  Even though I burned the brownies and the hot tea didn’t have salt (?!?), I think the ladies enjoyed the time.   There was even a little time before lunch to hold some orphans.

After lunch we walked with our translators around town and up the mountain stopping at houses and huts to invite kids to come to the mission to see another fun movie tonight.  We also got to sit in on Jody’s women’s study this afternoon and I think it was just as convicting for us as well as them!

Be in prayer for the study we will have tomorrow teaching about God’s free gift of grace.

Thanks for all the comments on the blog.  We have enjoyed hearing from you and receiving the encouragement!


  1. Praying for you ladies as you continue to share God’s love to the beautiful people of the Mole! Praising God for bringing together SO many women!! How awesome!! Praying that God continues to open your eyes to those He has bought you to the Mole to minister to. Make sure to hug every child that you can while you watch the movie with them tonight!
    Thank you for going on this trip to love and serve the people of Haiti!

  2. I have been praying for you all. I pray that the people you are ministering to will be open and receptive to the Gospel of Jesus. I love all the pictures and updates. Many blessings on you all.

  3. Hey PV team! I’m so glad you all answered God’s call to go on this trip to the Mole and that He has been using you in such mighty ways! The number of women who showed up for the Bible study is amazing!!! Love on everyone you meet, especially the orphans and kids from the community. Two movie nights!!! Those are my favorite and I wish I was there with you all! Just faithfully love those Mole kids for me; I know God will use even the smallest acts of love in big ways. I love reading about your days and I’m so excited to see what else God has in store for you all!

  4. What beautiful gifts you are all giving these women & children & yourselves! To share your love of God, the treats of American treats & entertainment, but an experience most would never have with each of you.
    Adair I love seeing you in the pictures – getting a taste of what you are experiencing!!! Enjoy hugging all the little- I know you are! I’m very happy for you!!!
    Love you,


  5. It is great seeing and hearing what God is doing in the Mole. I pray daily for Betty and the team and have a real soft spot in my heart for the people of the Mole after spending time there last year. I regret now that I did not go with you. My Love and Prayers go out to everyone in the Mole and thank you so much for your time and desire to minister to the people there.

  6. Wishing you all success in your every interaction this trip. Congrats Betty on sharing on Psalms and attracting such a crowd – God is using each of you to change that place second by second. Love to Jody, Jose, Beth and the Kiddos…

    Dave Caldwell – Merry Ole England!

  7. Happy Tuesday PV Ladies! Only three days left and I pray they will be joyful and filled with promise from the Lord. All the hard work and time you poured into preparing is not going unnoticed by our Father. He is answering prayers all around you and we are so blessed to be able to see that from back here at home. Praying for His head of protection to surround each of you. Praying today there will be even more ladies attend the study!! We know the Holy Spirit will give Betty the exact words they need to hear from Him. Love and hugs to all of you!

  8. Sounds like God is moving in a mighty way, ladies. Praying for you all and so excited to hear more! Praying for you endurance, strength, health and great things over your final days.

  9. Adair & Dani,

    We are thinking of you and praying for you while you ladies are away. It’s incredible to see snapshots of your journey and know how much you are touching lives while you are there. I love you girls dearly and I am so proud to call you friends


  10. Hi Ladies – We miss all of you here at PV. We know that God is doing great things through each one of you. You are a blessing to all you come in contact with. Pray everyone is staying healthy and will have a safe trip back. Tell everyone high from the men construction team that was there last year. We hope all the playground equipment is still working as well as all the other items that we were blessed to be a part of. Have a great rest of you time in the Mole. Cliff

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