PV Ladies Day 4…

(We had trouble posting last night…this blog is from yesterday)

Hi everybody. This is Colleen again. It’s still nice and warm in Haiti. I hope Georgia is warming up so I don’t freeze when I get back. I am enjoying my time in Haiti. I am especially happy making new friends (Zanmi anpil) The interpreters and the ladies in the Bible Study Group and at the Orphanage are really helping me to understand more Kreyol. I like to learn to speak and understand the language of the people I am with so I can communicate better. I am even learning to read the Bible in Kreyol. That is a blessing because I have a Kreyol Bible so at least I can read a verse to someone even without an interpreter. That comes in handy.

Today I took a lot of pictures. I took pictures of the Mamas that take care of the kids at the orphanage and some of the younger kids. The older kids were at school so I will catch up with them later.

The PVBC group did a great job with the Bible lesson today.  Betty taught and everyone else helped with the craft and taking care of the ladies. I think the ladies really got a lot out of the lesson today. And they loved the craft. I took some pictures of that too.

This afternoon the ladies went to the orphanage to paint. I stayed and studied my Kreyol a little. I can’t get around the paint unless I want a terrible headache!

God is blessing all of us, American and Haitian. I know He will continue while we are here. I miss home and my husband, but I am happy to have the opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters here in Haiti.

God bless you all



Well, hello again, friends and family!  It’s Dani again.  We’ve had another wonderful day…the weather really couldn’t be cooperating any more than it has been.  The sun has been shining; the heat hasn’t been unbearable; there’s not a raincloud in the sky…it’s perfection.

Today began with a Bible study prepared by Betty to delve a little deeper into the subject of grace.  She did an excellent job illustrating to the women that attended that grace is not earned…it is freely given.  We taught the ladies to decoupage heart-shaped boxes that played “Amazing Grace”, and afterward we filled them with candies for the women to enjoy later.

After the Bible study, Adair ended up with a terrible headache…and, still, we ask that you lift her up in prayer, as she’s attempting to get rid of it.  For the majority of the day, she’s been resting.

While Adair rested, the remainder of us went for a walk through the village before beginning the hard work for the day.  Sarah and Gayla have been painting the orphanage; while Betty and I deep-cleaned and sorted meds in the clinic.

As for what’s left of the day, we still have devotional, dinner, and time to prepare for tomorrow’s Bible study in Karenage.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and comments!  Keep ‘em coming!

** Special Note: Journey Catherine…I love you more than all of the birds.  I’ll see you in just a few days!



  1. Sweet Adair, I pray that today the Lord has given you relief from the headache you had yesterday and that you had a peaceful nights rest. Girls you are rockin’ the Mole for the Lord! Gayla – I see you getting all girly and throwing petals or paper in the air! If you come back with painted toe nails I’m going to roll around on the ground. My heart is always filled to overflowing when I read the blog and see all of your precious faces. God is smiling too! Give Beth a hug and lay hands on Jody for me (lol)!

  2. glad everyone is pitching in teaching the Bible to those who don’t know Christ as there Savior may you reach all of them and lead them to Christ keep up the good work see you soon Diane

  3. I love reading about all you are doing. I pray that God touches the hearts of the Haitian people. Beautiful pictures! Praying for everyone’s health.

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