PV Ladies Day 5…

Hello Friends!

We’ve had another awesome day of ministry!  We started the day by walking to the   fishing village of Karanage to present a women’s bible study.  The ladies group from the Mole has been studying weekly with these ladies for the last few months and recently they were presented with donkeys as a reward for their faithfulness. These donkeys are a great gift to help these single ladies provide better for their families!  Thanks to those of you at PVBC and Edinburg Baptist Church for contributing money that was used to buy the donkeys!

Our walk to the Karanage was about 40 minutes each way and the terrain is pretty rough so we were all pretty tired when we got back.  It’s amazing to think that some of these ladies have to make that walk everyday and the Mole ladies are walking over there every week for bible study!  It puts my “long” daily commute in perspective!

This afternoon we spent some more time in Jody’s clinic helping her clean and organize all of the supplies.  Hopefully she’ll be ready to start seeing patients soon!  After the clinic we started preparing the meal for the party we threw for the staff.

Sarah made the menu and was the master chef!  We had beef tacos, corn, and home-made tortilla chips.  For dessert we had chocolate pudding and cinnamon/sugar chips (yummy)!  I think the staff enjoyed the food!  The Castillo’s had some Hispanic music playing and some dancing broke out!  Then they had a blast with the piñata!  They were putting on the blindfold and spinning each other and swinging like crazy!  Finally about the 10th person knocked it down and they scrambled for the candy.

So the party is over now and it’s time to clean the kitchen.  I think we dirtied every pot and pan!  Thanks for your prayers and financial support that make it possible for us to come!  Our desire is to have God glorified and people’s lives transformed!




  1. Sounds like a fun day had by all! You are definitely sharing good times & memories with those women & children- rewards going both ways!
    Adair I hope you are feeling better! Very proud of all you and your group are doing!

  2. Thank you for treating the staff to a fun meal and evening. It looks like adults and kids were having a wonderful time. Sarah – thankful to finally see you with one of the donkeys!! Have a wonderful last day of ministry. We are praying you home – a smooth ride, short lines in customs, no missed connections and a chance to eat a meal you’ve been missing!! See you soon. Debbie

  3. 🙂 What a blessing you all are! You are showing the love and hope of Jesus to those who might never know. Your joy is contagious and the giving of yourselves is a gift that will be remembered by those you’ve met. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home.

  4. Praying for traveling mercies as you all go back home. I know all that you sowed into the beautiful people there will grow and grow.

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