Texas Tech & PV Teens in 2014 – Wednesday

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Helloooo this is Emily McIver!

It’s insane and almost scary how easy it is for me to fall in love with this place even more than the last time I was in Haiti. I can’t help but to think back to when I was here in June and realize that although I am so different, my God is still sovereign and faithful.

Today we woke up and ate breakfast (complete with Haitian coffee, YUM!). After breakfast we split up into our 3 groups. Kathryn’s group spent the morning physically serving God and the mission home by digging a foundation for a future church, Josh’s group (the group I’m in) and Al’s group took a 30 minute tap-tap ride to a nearby village where Al’s group went and did hut to hut evangelism and my group spent the morning putting on a VBS for the school kids!!

I was so encouraged by their smiling faces and eagerness to learn about our Savior. We told the story of David and Goliath along with Jonah and the whale, the children’s responses were great! They understood that without God is nothing is possible and that we must always be in tune with Gods voice. After the Bible story we played soccer, colored pictures, blew bubbles, and sang songs. During this time I was truly in my element, I could honestly picture myself doing something like this for the rest of my life.

After a sad goodbye to our new friends we came back to the Mole to eat lunch and afterwards we held our teen conference. We had worship and a sermon (which was spoken by Leah and Isaac) then we split off into guys and girls and then into older girls/guys and younger girls/guys. I am so blessed to be in the older girls small group, which consist of around 15 Haitian sisters, myself, Allison, Shannon, Ashlyn, Kathryn T., and Avery. During this small group time we discuss the sermon and answer questions that anyone might have. The conversations we have are truly fruitful and definitely make me love Jesus more.

–       I can’t express how much we all appreciate all of y’all’s love and support from back home. Every time y’all’s comments are read out loud I can’t help but to get a tear in my eye and to be reminded of the love our Father has for us. A special shout out to my family! Mom and Dad, I love y’all more than words can express. I am so blessed to have parents who support not only my dreams but also who trust whole-heatedly in the will of God. Grace and Moses, I hope you guys are being good and minding mom and dad! I love y’all SO MUCH (don’t get a ticket, don’t get lost, don’t go the wrong way)!! And shout out to my second families in Olton, at the Wesley, and my RSC sisters. I am so blessed to always be surrounded by a community who constantly shows me the love of God and who pushes me to be more like Him daily.




Cool. Cool cool cool.

Jordon Broadway

What an amazing week this has been! I have seen the Spirit move in so many ways this week. I am so worn out from everything we have done, especially the freedom drama that we performed so many times. My back is also sore from the trampling I’ve received from all of the little children. The biggest mistake I made this week was crouching down to talk to the kids and then having them all mob me and try to tickle me. I had at least four kids on each arm, and my body most definitely cannot support that much.

I saw the face of Jesus in the kids that we served today at the conference, especially the kid that is a miniature version of Michael Tate. After Bruce and I spoke today at the conference we told the kids that if they would rather stay and talk about Jesus than play soccer than we were there for them, and surprisingly we had several kids stay behind. Bruce and I prayed with at least ten kids and they all accepted Jesus into their hearts.

It was so exciting to be able to see the Spirit move through us and take over our actions. Earlier today we went out to “Map the Mole” and ask questions from the citizens of the Mole and see how we can pray for them. While my group had some of the expected responses one lady in particular stood out. Her name was Lacita, although I don’t know how to spell that, and she was the head of their household. While we were asking her about her family she told us that all of her family went to church and all were followers of Jesus, except her.

We asked why and found out that she saw voodoo do more works in the Mole than she has seen Jesus. We told her Jesus was present in her life but she wouldn’t listen. We invited her to come see the freedom drama in the courtyard and she seemed like she wasn’t that interested. When we were about to begin the drama KJ and I prayed that she would make an appearance but she did not show when we started. About halfway through, right before “Jesus” was crucified, she walked up.

As soon as we finished, KJ and I rushed over to her and had an interpreter ask her what she thought. Lacita said that she now saw that even the devil knows that Jesus is all-powerful for He can conqueror death and evil. We prayed with her and she accepted Jesus into her heart.

The pastor came over and invited her to church and she promised to at least try to go every once in awhile. Also at out teen conference, the boy from Preskul came back. We went to Preskul last Saturday and this little boy was so moved by us that he decided to come see us every day of our teen conference. He told us “he wanted to spend more time with the fun Americans.” It was so exciting to see that we made a difference in his life.

Earlier this week I met some Haitians that were around my age, these kids were furiously studying for their exams that were this week. I went over and asked them what they were studying and it turned out to be Haitian calculus. It wasn’t nearly the level of calculus back home, but I saw another way that I could make a difference in someone’s life.

Yesterday I spent almost an hour going through various problems and teaching them common denominators. I prayed for their exams and they were touched that a “blanc” would care about their lives. They took their test this morning and even got a copy of it to show me. They also thanked me so much for all the work I put in for them, even though I thought it was nothing.

Another moving thing this week was seeing the child that my family sponsors in the orphanage, it was an amazing experience to see him in person. Although it was heartbreaking to find out that he only likes Bruce and refuses to be held by me. Instead I am stuck with what I think is the “bully” of the orphanage. I watch him hit the other orphans and think this isn’t a cute kid that I want to hold. But Jesus told us that he came to save the sick and the lost. We aren’t here to love on the ones that feel safe, we are here for those that are insecure.

Although all of the orphans need our love I felt that I could make a difference in this little mean kid. Throughout the week I have visibly seen him shove less because we are there to guide him. On a less serious note, Jordon wants everyone to know that he gave me a clam.

Also KJ is still laughing at me for being so accident-prone. If anyone wants to know, I have spilt 34 things thus far (as opposed to everyone else’s like 6). And the other night we found a lizard and everyone posed for a picture with it biting them.

We have a picture of it hanging off of Chase’s ear, but Chase had a terrible idea for a pose for me. He wanted me to pose with it hanging right about my mouth, but of course it would let go and drop down my throat. Thankfully I spit it out very fast, but let me tell you that lizards here taste terrible. And mom, if I come home with an infection in a cut it is because Hannah Mellema cut my hand with her freedom drama sword.

I have seen the Spirit in so many ways this week, in the crabs scurrying on the beach, the lizards on the trees, the colorful sunsets, the swaying palm trees, and especially in the faces of every child that lives here in the Mole. I never want to leave here, but at the same time I can’t wait to return home and start my newly transformed life. See everybody soon!


I just wanted to add my two cents to the blog for the week! I know a lot of you have been faithfully praying over this team and this trip for a while now and I wanted to let you know that God has done immeasurably more than we could have imagined this week!

Although things did not always go as planned, which usually happens in Haiti, God has led this team to the ministry He had in store for us. The boys and girls who showed up to our pre-teen conference outnumbered our plans (over 120 in both the boys’ and girls’ groups today!).

The people who wanted to know more about Jesus and be prayed with after the Freedom Drama overcame our expectations. And the kids who wanted to be held, hugged, and loved on overwhelmed our emotions. However, none of it overwhelmed our God. Everything that happened during this ministry-packed, emotion-filled, physically-draining week was within God’s control and His great and mighty purpose for this team on this trip.  I am so thankful that He brought this team together and that He allowed us to come play a small role in His crazy, amazing story this week in Haiti. Mesi Jezi pou tout bagay! See you all soon back in the USA.

Emily Spring


PV teens are headed to PAP tomorrow to overnight so this will be their last blog. We want to thank everyone who has commented and loved on this group while they were here. They were mighty warriors – advancing the Kingdom daily – pouring themselves out fully – giving EVERYTHING they had to show the face of Jesus! Parents I say this most sincerely – I truly pray my children grow up to be like these grounded & outstanding young followers of Christ. – – -JODY CASTILLO


Please feel free to post comments. Comments will be read every night at dinner!


  1. Jesus said, Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. It is exciting to see you guys love these kids as God loves them. Keep having fun and enjoy the experience.
    I love you Kathryn.
    Robert Truckenmiller

  2. Emily, Granny & Papa is so very proud of you, ( I can see Papa looking down from heaven saying that’s my beautiful granddaughter teaching those precious children about Jesus) Princess may God be with you and keep you safe. Love and kisses Granny

  3. Hey Maddux Dylan Dillon and Al I am glad to find the blog because of been wandering what y’all are up too!! But I just wanted to say hello and I’m praying for you and your team I know y’all are doing amazing things! Maddux don’t step on anything that will hurt you this time. Wish I could be there, I remember how cool it was to hear people’s comments so I am glad to be able to communicate with you guys! Love y’all!

  4. Hey Shannon!
    I miss you so much, but I know you’re happy doing what you love. I know everyone there can see your love for Christ shining all over your beautiful face. (I hope you’re applying sunscreen to that beautiful face!) I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Dad comes home tomorrow. I’ll be sure to show him the pictures on this site. I’ve got lots of people praying for you and your team.
    Love you,

  5. Hello to Kit and the whole Texas Tech crew! It has been amazing following your efforts in furthering God’s Kingdom, and we are praying for your investment in the people that you interact with, including each other.

    Katharine, we love you and are proud of you. This trip has been a dream of yours since you were saved. We hope that the experience has been evrything you had hoped for and more.

    The week is drawing to a close… finish strong for God!

    Mom, Dad, Becca, and Matthew

  6. Paul, Bruce, Emilee & MOLLY
    Sunday night at HG the program will be your stories. Come ready to share. Emily Spring, you are also invited to come.


  7. Tech team please make sure Kathryn gets on the bus to come home. Living the dream. love you and praying for ya’ll

  8. Wow, we are so thankful to hear about lives changed through the freedom found in Jesus Christ!!! Praising God for each of you being His hands and feet and allowing the Spirit to work through you. We pray for safe travels as you return home. We pray for each of you as you come back home that you will continue to spread the freedom of a life in Christ to the hurting and lost here in Kansas City. We pray that you keep this opportunity of serving in Haiti in your hearts always.
    Caleb we can’t wait to have you home, but are so thankful that the spirit lead you to go on this mission! Can’t wait to hear all the stories~ love you!

    Love and prayers,
    Dad, Mom, Noah, Grandpa and Grandma Longley

  9. Emily,
    My heart just flip flopped when I saw that you got to write the blog! How awesome!!! It is great to hear your voice and words about what you are doing this week! I read it aloud to Grace and Moses and they were so tickled that you mentioned their names! Of course I just cried and cried while reading it… I can’t help it… It is so amazing to see what God is doing at the Mole and doing in you! You have always listened to The Lord and have heard His calling. I’m so stinkin proud of you! Love you so much and can’t wait to see you Sunday!

  10. So excited to hear about all the amazing ways God is using each of you to spread His love to the Haitian people. Each child is made in his image and for a purpose-each of you and each of them. Thank you for taking your spring break to obediently serve. I know many of you need rest at this time of he semester and I know that even though Haiti is a blast, it certainly isn’t restful. I pray for God’s provision for a feeling of rejuvenation upon your return to the reality of school and work. The Martins love you all.
    Al-love the John Lennon glasses and I’m more than a bit afraid that your beard is going to become dreads. Regardless you aren’t allowed to shave it all off!
    Maddux-glad to see you still look healthy with all appendages still in place, no malaria, and no sea urchins attached to your feet. Love the flowers!
    Love & peace,
    Jodie, Maddi & the Masonator

  11. Hey Ya’ll….enjoying the blogs and pictures and seeing what God is doing through each of you in Haiti! Keep up the great Kingdom work! So proud of all of you! When I first saw the picture of Maddux with flowers in his hair, I immediately thought, oh what a pretty girl I don’t think I know her….so I kept scrolling through pictures and when I went back through them, I was like OH MY GOSH THAT IS MADDUX! So Maddux sorry I thought you were a girl, the flowers threw me off, your just a pretty boy. I love Al’s harry potter sunsglasses hope he wears those to the next staff meeting and his braids…well ..let just say I will let Jodie handle that one. Praying for each of you by name every day, continue to do His work in Jesus name. Love and miss you all, Penny

  12. Aunt Averie!!!
    We miss you SOOOO much but can’t wait to hear all about your time in Haiti!!! We have a few stories to share with you about Gs first time to show in Houston!!! When Savannah bought milk from Elsie’s store the man behind the counter asked, “hey where’s your friend?” And Savannah Banana told him that you were in Haiti on a mission trip & he said that he is very proud of you!!!
    Miss you sister!
    Graden & Garrison

  13. Squirrel! (Ashlyn)
    I miss you! I keep expecting an email to pop up at work from you. Can’t wait to talk to you when you get back and hear about all that you and your Tech team did and what God showed you and taught you in this work for Him! I love the pictures. We are praying for the whole team and praying that you get rest, plenty of water and God renews your strength each day. I am enjoying reading the blogs. I hope you are able to write in your journal each day. Those will be precious memories someday. I am so looking forward to you coming to visit in April! I love you and miss you!
    Preston and Sadie say Hi! (Well, Sadie just barks, but we know she misses you!)
    Love you,

  14. Hi Emily! It is amazing to hear about your second trip to Haiti. I can hear your excitement through your writing. We are so proud of you for following God and sharing Him with everyone!

  15. 3 John 1:4 (NIV)

    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

    Dillon heard you did great today. keep up the good work super proud of you. Love Dad

    Hearing awesome things coming from Haiti Glad it is all and more of what you had hoped it would be. Miss you and can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about all that you did. Keep working in the Lords will and you will go far. Love Mom

    Proud of you and hope you are having a good time. Love Josh and Whitney

    Prayers up for all that are with this group keep them safe.

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