Texas Tech 2014 – Thursday…

Bonjou zamis!

It’s Ashlyn here! Today was a wonderful day. The whole team is still going strong and trusting in God every moment. My group got to play with the kids in the mole after they got out of school. We made them bracelets, played soccer, jumped rope, and many other activities that any kid enjoys. Their smiles make our days less hot and filled with more joy. As our trip is coming to an end, I will be honest and say that I will miss sleeping in tents and hearing the music at night, swimming in the ocean as my showers, and being the hands and feet of God every day in Haiti.

The team that is here has brought me just as much joy as the Haitians have. Not only have they become my best friends but a family. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve the people in Haiti but also to have gotten to know the group I am here with. God has worked in our lives in so many ways that it is indescribable. God has continued to show his strength, love, and compassion. Now to all my family, I miss you all but could not be more thankful for your support and love. You have shown me what the true definition of being a Christian woman looks like and now I can show others. So thank you for everything.

I also appreciate the support I have in Lubbock; my froomies are my biggest support while being away from home and I’m so blessed by them. I miss everyone dearly. Although we have all said that we are living here forever… as much as we wish, I really can’t wait to be able share the details of the trip and the impact to everyone. Hope Lubbock is dry because Haiti sure has been humid but wonderful in every way. See everyone soon! Love you all! (P.S. Mom, give Sadie a big hug for me. I miss my sweet puppy.)


Yo yo yo Ashlyn is gone and this is Maddux now! I’m gonna tell you about my day. Today my group did hut to hut evangelism in the morning. So basically we just went around the city of the Mole and got to talk to different people about their lives and Jesus. It was wonderful getting to show love to all the different people we got to talk to. During one particular house, while Dylan was talking to the mother, Hailey, Britnee, and I got to play in the street with at least 20 random kids. It was awesome getting to show them love even though playing in the streets wasn’t exactly what we set out to do. Also, when we were in the streets these two teenage girls sat Hailey down and rather forcefully braided her hair into a… beautiful hairstyle.

In the afternoon, we got to join in with God in impacting the lives of the teen Haitians at our last teen conference. The teen conference has been a real blessing this week, and it was definitely sad to see it come to an end. However, I am confident that God has impacted the souls of the teens this week tremendously. I had to hug goodbye to my homies and it was super sad but I will always be praying for those teens we got to do life with this week.

Anyways, for me this week has been super rad, and I really really don’t want to leave. But I have been blessed to spend this short time I’ve had in Haiti. Shouts out to the homies back in lub. Miss y’all and I hope y’all are staying golden 24seven. Deuces.

P.s. I do not currently have any sea urchin injuries or sicknesses so that’s pretty rad. Thanks for the prayers. Love y’all.


Bonswa y’all!

This is Ty!! This trip has been an awesome experience and I am so glad to be able to share some of this experience with yall. Today I did hut to hut evangelism. We also did a survey for the mission team here. It asked questions about children, ages, Christianity, and what we could pray about. I got the opportunity to play games with many of the kids that fallowed us around the town. Many of the kids even fallowed us into other people’s houses. The universal language in Haiti is the smile. A smile, a wave, and some kind of greeting, change the entire way that people look at each other.

The group also did the Everything skit today. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it. It was so powerful and it allowed us to ask a lot of good questions to Haitian teens at the teen conference. We also did some worship tonight and instead of using our instruments we made one of the most joyful noises I have ever heard. I have grown to thoroughly enjoy the company of both the Haitian people as well as this group. We make each other laugh multiple times every hour and constantly find ways to enjoy the community that God has built. I want to thank everyone who is praying over this group and this trip.

We all know that we are here for a reason and It is cool to see how people realize their purpose as the week goes on. Quick shout out to my family there in Abernathy. I love yall and can’t wait to see you. We will post a schedule of the arrival times tomorrow so that everyone knows who lands when.


PV is in PAP and flying home tomorrow! Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read at dinner each night!


  1. Brittnee, we have not heard or seen you. We are praying that all is well with you. We look forward to you and the team returning safely home. Pooh-bear says hello and he misses you. 🙂

  2. My dear Avery,

    We have been praying for you and your team daily that all will experience and share God’s love in their own unique way during your wonderful week in Haiti. Love the stories and can certainly tell by the awesome pics that the Holy Spirit is working in each of you as well as the beautiful children of Haiti. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and receiving my big hug! We miss you and love you much…….Dad and Mom

    Love and Miss you…..Coleman

  3. EmmmEmmm,
    You are a great teacher to me. When I see what you are doing I know what to do. When I see you in Haiti it makes me want to be a good friend to people I don’t know. You are the greatest sister ever! I really miss you! I love you. Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

    I can’t wait to see you Sunday! I love you. I saw an Okapi at the zoo today and it made me think of you. Mommy took pictures of it!
    I hope you are being nice to your friends and the orphans. Are there any orphans named Moses? Did you tell them about me?

  4. Hi everyone! I’ve really loved getting to read all of the posts over the past week and to see how God is working in each of you and using you all to spread the Gospel in Haiti.

    Special shout out to Shannon- I loved the picture of you from the other day with Fedna. I know that must be so special for you to be with her and all of the other kids again. Give them hugs for me 🙂 Love you!

    -Erin Davis

  5. Ty… if the universal language is a smile…then you must be one great communicator in Haiti. We miss that great big smile and are thrilled to see you letting God use you in such a great way. We all love you so much!!

  6. My precious EM and Haiti family,

    Feeling better today. God working HIs magic. It warms my heart and soul to see the pictures of your group and all the great work you are doing in God’s name. My love and blessings to you all. How wonderful to be in the palm of God’s Hand.


  7. Squirrel! (Ashlyn)
    How fun to see a write up from you! I love to hear what you all are doing and what things are like for you there. Can not wait to talk to you and hear about all the details! I wanted to let you know that the leadership of BSF prayed for you this morning. We went to the Lord on our knees and lifted you up to our Lord asking Him for safety, good health and that God would bless the work of your team there. One leader praised God that a young woman would love the Lord so much that she would give up her spring break to serve Him in Haiti. Another leader cried as she tried to put into words her feelings of you all as college students serving Him with such passion. One of our goals in the entirety of BSF is that we would work to bring an end to Biblical Poverty especially in our young men and women because it is you all who will lead in the cause of Christ in the world. How proud I am of you and your team for already doing that despite your young age. Your enthusiam to spread the gospel gives us much hope for future generations!
    Know that we miss you but are proud of you!
    Love you Ashie!

  8. God bless you all for your efforts! We continue to pray for your work daily, and are so proud of you all. Chuck wants Dylan to know he’s learned most of Bile-‘m Cabbage Down on the Banjo. His instructor is hanging in there.
    Love Ya,
    Mom and Chuck

  9. It is so awesome to hear about your adventures and the greatwork you have all done. Kit we know you are doing wonderful things through the Lord, but we will be sooooo glad to hear your voice again.

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