2014 Ministry Boat Update…

The boat is really coming along SO BEAUTIFULLY! We are so thankful to Mission Navigation for all the hard work that’s been put into this project! The amount of time, energy, & efforts required are countless.

We continue to have so many thoughts & ideas on how we can really use this to minster to our communities! Mission Navigation is on Facebook and it’s a great way to see real-time work that’s being done! It’s amazing to see the progress from start to finish! We hope to send Jose later this summer to see the boat in person and learn how to navigate it! 🙂

Here’s some boat talk for you from RV Hodge….

The major structure of the boat is complete. There are still a few things on the to-do list, then it will be lots of fiberglass work. The latest completed part is the lazaret. It is built, fiberglassed, and painted. That is the “trunk” in the aft (back end) of the boat. The fuel tank and steering mechanism will be in the lazaret, and the rest of the space is for storage of boat related items. This is a large lazaret, so there is ample storage.

Yesterday I began closing up the inboard sides of the boat.

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