Summer Games…Competition 3

Tonight’s Competition:  Hide-N-Seek!

 Team Christiano (Rodner’s team) wore hot pink bracelets.

Team Valiant Soldiers (Pierre’s team) wore neon green bracelets.

The instructions were simple: Two people on each team will do the seeking while the rest do the hiding. Rodner’s group has to find Pierre’s group and vice versa.

You can hide anywhere on the campus but not inside any buildings. You cannot run once you are caught. If the person who sees you is your own team member – flash your bracelet so they know not to make any commotion and walk on. The game ends in one hour!

Valliant Soldiers: Pierre & Bena were the seekers.

Team Christiano: Jose & Rodner were the seekers.



The Results: Lots of Laughter! Bena and Pierre were on a roll finding 4 people rather quickly.  Surprisingly Rodner didn’t find anyone. Jose found 2. The staff took the game seriously! I mean they were laying on the ground face down –  in the middle of gardens, hiding on trucks, behind homes, by the clinic, & laying on the ground behind the generator.  Mme Nene didn’t quite understand the game. She said she kept waiting for people to find her. Several people walked by but no one could see her. So she turned herself in because she said they weren’t looking well enough! LOL!

The 1st one out: Elirose hiding in the garden – found by Bena

The 2nd one out: Pastor Agenor hiding in another garden –  found by Bena/Pierre

The 3rd one out: Emily hiding by children’s church –  found by Bena

The 4th one out: Beth – hiding behind our house – found by Pierre

The 5th one out: Vanise –  hiding behind the generator – found by Jose

The 6th one out: Nene – hiding face down in the garden – found by Jose

The 7th one out: Mme Nene – she turned herself

No one else was found. Valiant Soldiers won the competition!


Team Christiano
Team Christiano


Valiant Soldiers

The game is over. Now we’re waiting for the people who weren’t caught to come back in. This video is pretty pointless –   but shows we were in a festive mood while we waited! 🙂

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