Parkside Day 2…

Alright, Julie here. Even though it is Day 2 here at the Mole, I first need to share a highlight from yesterday for me. As we were flying in the charter plane yesterday morning, I saw the shadow of our little plane in a cloud below us, and there was a rainbow in a complete circle around our shadow. I was in awe! Leading up to this trip, flying on the charter plane was my most anxiety provoking part. And what a blessing it was to see our plane surrounded by a rainbow. Only two of us were on that side of the plane, and God allowed me (who was a little anxious) to see it. God is with us! It was such a comforting reminder for me on the little plane ride.

OK, on to today… we started the day doing a VBS for the kids in the community. One of my highlights was watching two Haitian men lead the children in worship! It was amazing to see men of God worshipping in their language and leading a slew of kids in praise. The kids were singing “Allelu, Allelu” as loud as they possibly could. We shared how the Bible is not only made up of many little stories, but one big story and we are all part of it. We played games and had the kids paint rocks as reminders of God’s love(from Joshua 4). The kids were so focused on painting these rocks. Some were in stripes, some had crosses, but they were all made with such love and meticulous care.

After lunch, we painted nails, colored, and made necklaces with the kids from the orphanage. Even Seth and Matthew painted the little girls’ nails! It was beautiful. I personally was blessed painting the nails on these precious kids’ dusty feet. I was reminded of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. My name has been the easiest for the kids to pick up so far. They enjoyed shouting “JuLee” and showing me their artwork and necklaces. I am privileged to be loving on these beautiful babies this week. Thanks for all the prayers this week!

P.S. So, Jake – how are the kids? More importantly, how are you hanging in there? Reply back in a comment to let me know. Missing all 6 of you! Mom & Dad – Have a wonderful trip next week! Hope the long flight goes quickly for you and your back, Mom.


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  1. Hey Ju-Lee and gang! What fun to read about your time so far. I’m sure each of you is showing them Jesus’ love, and showing that each and every one of them has tremendous worth as a part of God’s big story. And what an incredible visual with the plane and the rainbow. I wish I could have seen it with you!
    We are doing okay- today 75% of the kids had a fever… Jeremiah seems about done with his (which started yesterday morning), Evi’s hasn’t been too bad at all (she is still pretty energetic), but Lydia really took a downturn today. The good news for her is that she went to bed with Evi at 7:30 or so, and they were both out by 8. I hope they sleep well tonight and wake up rejuvenated! I think we will go the movie at home route instead of the zoo tomorrow… Overall, we are doing just fine and I’m looking forward to being back to full health.
    Keep the updates coming you guys! And the pictures are awesome too!

  2. This is Dad Epting. It looks like all of you are having the time of your lives. God is a miracle worker. I would love to know what the names of the children you are loving at this time. God be with all of you.

  3. Julie, I told you the plane would be the best! Wasn’t it fantastic to see the ocean below you? All the beautiful colors… Seth, who knew you could write so eloquently? I was so impressed and loved reading your blog! Do any of the Mole kids remember you? You were a lot shorter 3 years ago, probably only 6’4″! I already called the school and made arrangements to pick up you parking pass, don’t worry! So, have you put Rosie on your shoulders yet or is she too big? Give my love to Gaby baby, Ashy, Levi, Mikala, and Rosie! Oh and of course to Beth and Mama Gigi! And who is your interpreter? I wish I was there with you and am praying for blessings to overflow! Love you to the moon and back!

  4. This is my second attempt to leave a message! Julie, I told you that the plane ride was awesome! Seeing the beautiful colors of the ocean below is so amazing! Seth, who knew you could write so eloquently? I really enjoyed reading about all that God is doing! Have you seen any of the Mole kids that you remember? Do any of them remember you? You were much shorter then, probably only 6’4″! Please give my love to Mikala and Rosie, Gaby baby, Ashi and Levi…and of course Beth and Mama Gigi…I so wish I was there with you. I’m praying that you will be blessed and be a blessing! Hey, is Rosie too big to put on your shoulders? Just wondering…love on Sophie for me too! Love you to the moon and back!

  5. Julie! Love the image of you painting kids dusty toenails. Through your servant love, I pray each child there would more fully grasp the depth and breadth and height and length of the love of Jesus!!

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