Parkside – Day 3…

Ashlyn here! It’s been a wonderful day here with lots of sweet moments with the children and people of Haiti. We began the day driving 45 minutes to the outskirts of the Mole to do a VBS with the children in the Savane Mole. When we arrived we walked through the streets with our interpreters, Kenson and Pierre, inviting the children to come to VBS. On our way back towards the place where we were holding the VBS the children started to follow and one sweet girl came running up and grabbed my hand. The other children followed at a distance, but warmed up a bit once we got out the soccer ball.

After sharing God’s big story with the small group of children, we spent a while just playing and laughing. Julie had fun trying to learn a complicated hand clapping game with one of the older girls. At one point I was holding a little girl in the front, had another girl on my back and another holding on to my skirt. We were all just laughing and smiling. It’s been hard not being able to communicate with the people here, but laughter is a universal language. Matthew and Seth had a lot of fun playing with the parachute with the kids and watching the kids laugh so hard they would almost fall over every time the ball flew off the chute! I have also enjoyed hearing the children sing as they are sitting on my lap or working on a craft. There is just so much joy in the voice of a singing child!

On the drive back down I was just amazed at the beauty of this country. Everywhere you looked was just a snapshot of God’s amazing creation. After lunch we spent some time preparing for the Bible studies we would be doing with the men and the women later in the afternoon. I know for Julie and I this was one of the things we were feeling a bit anxious about, just wondering if we really had anything to share with these women who are so incredibly strong. But after a time of prayer, we were really just blessed with the Lord’s peace and felt his strength as we shared how much God valued women and the special place women have in His heart. It was really a beautiful time of community with our sisters in Christ.

Matthew and Seth had planned a study on being a man of God for the men of the community, but when no men showed up they were given an opportunity to just really pour into one of our interpreters and share with him about what a Godly husband and father looks like. Since he is newly married and also expecting his first child, this was just perfect timing and sometimes that’s just how God works! Instead of bringing a large group, he allowed for a time of in depth study with one person who really needed it. He is so good!

We are looking forward to two more really full days and are just excited to see what else the Lord has in store!

Jake, we are praying for you and the kids! We pray that the fevers will go down and good health will return! We also pray the Lord will strengthen you over the next few days!



  1. Again, awesome to read what you guys did today! Very fun about Matthew and Seth with the translator- God really works in surprising ways sometimes. Depth of impact vs. breadth, right?! As always, the pictures are fantastic. It looks like you guys are really just immersing yourselves into the effort to pour into the people there- very cool!
    Brief update about the kids for Julie. After a comically bad outing to the doctor (funny now) and finding out that Lydia, Evianna and Jeremiah have Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, the day actually went great! Lydia was not hot and took no medicine today. After lots of begging/ordering, Evianna finally started drinking and eating (cheese quesadila to the rescue!). Jeremiah seemed to be in better spirits too, although his rash was worse today. He is the only one of the 3 with the rash, and he is cranky when eating and drinking. However, he’s still doing those things, which is key. The dr. said that the younger they are, the more likely they are to have the rash/blister stuff. And De’Shaune is as good and goofy as ever. He shouted HI! to Ms. Bea through the window this morning… Anyways, I appreciate the prayers, and keep them coming, but don’t let us on the homefront be a distraction to you guys! We are on the up and up!

  2. Hey there everyone in the Mole! I just wanted to let you all know that as I read your blogs and see the pictures I am equally amazed at God’s big plan and how He chooses to use each of us! Although my heart still aches to be there loving on all those kids with you I know that you all are being the hands, feet, and face of Christ there. And although I didn’t talk with any of you that much your first day here (since I was packing up and struggling a little to hold back all the tears!) I knew that you all would be a great team and do great things in the Mole! Know that He has called you and that every little thing you do in His name will be worth it and make an eternal difference! Praying for you all and that you would continue to follow the Spirit’s leading each day as He rearranges your plans for even bigger and better things! Praying you will lay it all on the line and finish strong! Also a big shout out to Miss. Beth and all the Castillo clan and our staff and kids on campus! Mwen renmen nou e songe nou anpil! Mwen priye pou nou toujou!

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