Crossroads Day 2…

Hello. To my beautiful bride and all my brothers and sisters. The quest has begun to win as many souls as we can for Jesus. Fun plane ride to the mole on little 4 seater plane. Looked down on beautiful mountains of many different colors, and pretty bays. Passed cards to 50 kids for Vbs. We are fired up for Jesus, 4 stories in 4 days, Jonah, David and Goliath, 3 hebrew boys, and Daniel in the lions den. We are going to win the Mole for Jesus. We will raise up mighty warriors. The kids are precious, they cling and touch and hold on tight. We did movie night with orphans –  they all want to sit on your lap. So we rotate them. Much more to say but that’s all for now. Love you all pray for our victory in Christ. God Bless. Thank you all for helping . Love Philemon the one Jesus loves


Hello Sugar. It has been a great time already. We just finished a movie night with the orphans. One fell asleep on my leg and Naomi was on the other knee. A lot of the kids remember us and some are still saying Bon Jour Mop. As we walked around town to see some kids we got hugs from a couple of their moms. Was amazed that they even remembered us walking back their children.

Today we handed out our passes for VBS before lunch. After lunch I cut a bunch of wood to start building a fence for Jody and Jose’s housing complex. We started the lay out and will pick back up after VBS Monday. I sure do miss you and the kids. I hope Ethan is being the big boy I know he is and Brielle has been patient with all the extra work you have in the evenings with out my help. Give the two of them my love. I am excited to see what God has in store for this week. I know he has big plans. Lauren, Kenson misses your girls and we miss having your family here with us. Sugar I love you so so so much.




  1. Hi my love!
    How amazing and rewarding. The Lord is moving and he for sure wanted you and Phil there.
    Love the pictures of the children’s beautiful faces keep them coming.
    Ethan’s message to you is ” I love you daddy and have you and Haiti in my heart” and we see Ethan’s water bottle in your back pocket, sneaky! 😉

  2. Hi Phil,
    Day number two sounds so exciting! This means so much to the children, especially since they have grown accustomed to seeing you.
    Rely totally on the power and wisdom of God. He will fill your mouth when you speak. The message that you share with the children will be customized by God, and His messsge reaches deep inside, and produces change.

    I love you richly and eternally.

  3. Love seeing the pictures!! Keep them coming, continuing to pray for you both and for the hearts of the many that you are touching ! Love and Blessings to you both!

  4. JD & Phil: Love the pictures. We are missing Haiti terribly, but are so glad you are there representing Crossroads this year. I pray for cool breezes while you work, that the mosquitos stay away, and that Jesus’ love will flow through you to all those precious little ones. Have a great first day of VBS tomorrow. Jezi renmen tout timoun yo! Tell Kenson hello and we will be back as soon as we can!

  5. JD and Phil,
    I am so happy you both got there safely (so lucky to get the plane ride!!). Praying that the Lord’s will be done and that you both see and feel Him working through you. That’s so cool that they are still talking about Mop! My heart breaks that we didn’t get around to creating the videos. Please tell the kids that Mop loves and misses all of them!
    Can’t wait to hear more stories!

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