Crossroads Day 3…

Hello Everyone!

The church service was in French, picked up on some, was blessed by the praise and devotion of the congregation. Went swimming in the beautiful turquoise bay. Jd and I walked to the hut in the hill, were stopped by some young men that invited us in, chopped coconuts open and offered us to drink.  Introduced us to his mom,. JD helped little kids with a long pole knock down almonds, the kids would scramble for the nuts to eat the sweet fruit from the nuts. We are fired up for vbs that starts Monday. God bless everyone. Love you sweetheart. Philemon the one Jesus Loves


Good evening. Today has been another blessed day. Church has grown from last year which is awesome. For those of you that have been here. This place has changed so much. Last year there was one new paved road in town. Now almost the whole downtown is paved with sidewalks. By next year it will most likely be done and maybe even paved to the mission. As for the mission, there is a sidewalk running thru for the kids to ride their bikes on. The clinic is built and a couple storage buildings. Phil and I took some kids to the beach again. There is always something to be doing. Tomorrow starts a power pack week of VBS. To my beautiful wife I love and miss you. Thanks for sharing what Ethan had to say and let him know I think about him all the time. When Brie starts her Da Da just let her know also that I miss them very much. Give them all my love, love you Sugar.



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We continue to have issues uploading pictures – sorry there are only a few today. Though this is a small group – they work like they are with an army! Our staff told us they were so impressed by the energy and heart they are bringing each day while they pour themselves out.






  1. Hi my love!
    Love hearing about your day! How awesome! Sounds like a lot has gotten done there praise GOD!
    We all prayed for you two at church today and a lot of people asked how you both were doing.
    I love you very much!
    Ethan asked how many days until your return. I showed him and he was not happy with how Many fingers I was holding up. He said ” o man mommy that is way to many” Lol. Can’t wait until VBS starts and we get here all about it.
    Night my love

  2. Hello Phil, …now I really getting more excited about each day of your mission.
    GOD is reslly loading up His blessing and distributing them as you pour out to these little children. I sm super proud of you and J.D.
    I love you so much. Eunice

  3. You two are so awesome to be continuing this work. Makes my heart long to go back to the Mole! Continuing to pray!

  4. I’m so happy to see you guys there at the mole again, I so miss everyone there and all the progress going on there at the mole………GOD IS AWESOME, and so r u guys for being there again, I’m excited to see what God has in stored for you while your there!
    Michelle Miron

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