Crossroads Day 4…

Today was our first day of VBS. We handed out 50 cards and 49 showed up. Jonah and the big fish kicked off the week. I still cant get over the enthusiasm of these children. After VBS Phil and I walked some kids home. From there we started on Jody and Jose’s fence. We completed one section of it. We will do the same thing tomorrow J. I love you Sugar. You can tell Ethan it is one less day now. I miss you guys very much. Give Brielle and Ethan my love and kisses. Thanks for being the mom you are and always being supportive of this. Muah.



Hello: Brother and sisters in Christ. The first day of VBS was great the ti moun petit answered question after the Jonah story, learned bible verses and were given prizes. The children are a blessing and instead of being told they are nothing, we tell them they are princess and prince, we will lift them to Jezi, Jesus.

Tues. Daniel and the lions den. They will learn faith in God equals victory, and without him in this dark world you WILL Loose!!!!!!! Continue to pray God gives us wisdom to effect change in the children and the mission and the Mole. Miss you Eunice anpil Love ou Madam. God bless everyone walk in victory.


  1. Good evening love
    Fantastic! So happy it went so well.
    I will let Ethan know. We love you too.
    The children look so happy how wonderful.

  2. I vividly remember Vacation Bible School, could hardly wait until the last day of school because the next week…, Vacation Bible School.

    I loved all the wonderful object lessons, I loved the stories about people in the Bible, I loved singing new new songs. I believe that the children in Haiti are enjoying Vacation Bible School as much as I did so keep on teaching the Word of God because God’s Word has the power to affect change.
    I am so proud of you Phil, and I love you very much. I can hardly wait to see you your wife

  3. It is so nice to see all the photos! I am so proud of you JD and Phil! Wish I was there with you this year. Keep up the good work and look forward to hear about day 2 of VBS. Give the kids extra hugs and kisses from me! Love hearing all the great things you are doing.

  4. The Epstein family is praying for you guys. Keep marching forward in love and take every opportunity to love on the beautiful people of the Mole! Our hearts ache to join you there!

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