13 // DONLEY

Today is Donley’s day!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Donley Sterlin
Birth date: 11/29/07
One-word description: Adventurous
Faves: catching bugs, playing in the dirt,
playing on the beach, playing ball games
BFFs: Presley, Magdalie
# of sponsors needed: 4

Today I want to feature this adventurous and outdoorsy guy!

1 Corinthians 16:13
"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."

Donley loves running around outside and having adventures! He ventures out on his own but he loves getting his siblings involved to take them along on safaris, bug-catching trips, or their own campus adventures.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

He enjoys playing in the dirt around the orphanage or playing in the sand on the beach. Donley started the summer a little afraid of the water and unwilling to go swimming in the ocean, so he spent a lot of time on the beach building sandcastles or digging moats! As the summer went on, his fear diminished and he became a pro swimmer like the rest of his siblings, though his love for the beach continues!

Photo credit: Beth Lockwood

Donley and his siblings love going out to catch butterflies! Magdalie and him make a great critter-catching duo and over the summer they would collect old soda bottles-full of bugs.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Donley’s heart for adventure and strong spirit enable him to try new things even when facing scary situations. Although Donley can sometimes step back in fear or timidity, it is amazing to watch him continue to step out in faith and courage. He has a courageous heart not because he is always unafraid and fearlessly grabs hold of life, but because he has overcome many fears and he continues to try new things. My prayer today is that God will continue to stretch and mold the heart of this young boy as he grows into the man he was created to be. I pray that Donley’s faith will grow deeper as he learns to trust God more and more with every aspect of his life and with all his anxieties and fears. I pray Donley will grow in courage and that he will fearlessly proclaim the good news of the gospel and how his own life has changed.

2 Timothy 1:7
"for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control."

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

This little adventurous guy needs 4 more sponsors to join his Family Tree right now! For only $30/month you can join in on his adventures and get to hear about them all by being involved in his life through sponsorship! What small cost for such a great opportunity! Pray about joining a Family Tree with NWHCM and go check out Donley’s Family Tree site here to consider joining his Family Tree!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

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Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

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