So we didn’t have a post yesterday for Halloween, but don’t worry, just because October is officially over doesn’t mean that our October is for Orphans theme is over! We still have more kids to circle around in prayer!

And today we are featuring this cutie!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Rovenson Charles 
Birth date: 09/27/09
Key Feature: sheepish grin
Faves: balloons!, running, sugar cane,
making silly faces, playing games
BFFs: all the bros
# of sponsors needed: 3

Let me introduce you to this little buddy of mine!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Rovenson is one hilarious kid! As this little guy has been getting bigger he is definitely enjoying his freedom and ability to run around campus and play games with his older brothers and sisters! He enjoys hanging out with his brothers and just having fun together.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

And he loves to play with balloons! This kid will not have a bigger smile on his face than when he is playing with balloons; he loves it!

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

Another favorite activity of Rovenson’s is to make silly faces or just make-up his own goofy stories or games. Although he can be a little camera shy, this kid does have a million dollar smile and a great sheepish grin!

Photo credit: Patrick Richards

This is a sweet boy with a huge heart! Though he can sometimes be a troublemaker or a bit grumpy, this little guy has grown up so much these past few years. He loves being held and sitting with people or playing games but he especially likes hanging out with his older brothers. He looks up to them all so much and loves them.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Rovenson and I became best buddies very early on during my first summer in Haiti. This kid has stolen a large chunk of my heart! However, the past few trips I haven’t been able to spend much time with him. There are other people, other teams, and although he will sometimes still come to hang with me a lot of times he gravitates toward meeting these new faces. This has been hard but also sweet to see him especially want to hang out with the guys that come in on teams, he desires the influence of godly men in his life. I’ll be honest, all of it has been hard for me. But God has used this little silly boy to break open my heart and allow me to love deeper still and to also know how to love but let go to God.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Rovenson is not mine. He is not my child, ultimately he is a child of God. I can’t hold tightly to any of these sweet children. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them deeply and that my heart doesn’t break being away from them, because it does. Every single day.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

I miss this child and I love him and I pray for him, and for all these precious kids, but I know that he is in God’s hands and that I can enjoy just being a part of this journey by coming alongside him. Ultimately, I’m just along for the ride, I can’t hijack God’s plans for this little guy’s life or try to mold him into who I want him to be. But I can love him as Christ loves him and cover him in prayer.

I’m amazed that God places so many wonderful people in our lives for us to love and hold for this short time.

And I’m even more in awe that God holds all these people in His hands and that He loves all His children for all eternity. 

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

So today I’m praying for this sweet boy, I’m praying that he will become the godly man that God wants him to be. I pray that he will be open to God’s plans for his life and that he will follow the Lord’s leading. I pray God will continually chip away at Rovenson’s pride or selfishness and mold him more and more into the image of Christ. I pray he finds his freedom in Christ and uses it to exhibit joy and strength in his life. I pray he treats all God’s children with equal respect and compassion. I pray that God will shine through this young boy’s heart to show the love of Christ to the people of this world.

1 Peter 2:16-17 
"Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor."

And I’m praying for all our kids, as we roll into this new month of November, that even when these kids aren’t with us or aren’t on our minds that we will know that God is always watching over them and that He loves them more than any of us could love, that He loves them with a “Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”

Photo credit: Patrick Richards

Rovenson’s Family Tree has 3 spots open right now for sponsors! That means he needs 3 more people to pledge $30/month of support to care for this little boy and partner with his other sponsors to create a fully funded Family Tree of 10 sponsors! Would you consider joining this sweet boy’s family today? Check out Rovenson’s Family Tree site here and learn more!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

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