Children’s Church Halloween Party…

For the past three months our children’s church attendees have been earning points for: attendance, memorization, & answering questions. Those with the most points were rewarded with a Halloween party!

Tonight we wanted to celebrate their accomplishments! They’ve been working really hard on their verses – and the majority of them aren’t old enough to read the verses themselves. This is awesome because that means someone had to help them. Not only did these kids memorize but the mommas and siblings that helped them did too! Isebelle was the littlest one at the party…and she EARNED her spot!

SO….we had 29 kids at our party this afternoon! I’m so grateful for all the staff who helped us host this special event! 🙂

Tonight I asked them to share some of the memory verses and Bible stories….you know just to make sure we had the right group of kids! 🙂 Ten of them popped up right away sharing scripture before the party got under way. I love it that they still remember the things we taught them in August! At the end of the party they also shared some of the Bible stories from the past three months too.

Our party consisted of:

1) Face painting

2) Making bracelets

3) 4 game stations that they rotated through – bean bag in the pumpkin’s mouth, witch’s hat ring toss, knock the cans over with a bean bag, & duck pond fishing

4) Popcorn & Juice while watching Tom & Jerry

5) Three big group games – balancing a ball on a plate while weaving through cones, balancing eyeballs on a spoon while weaving through cones, and putting a candy-corn in your mouth and kneeling over a chair to drop it into a cup with no hands.

6) Then it was cupcakes, cookies, juice, and Tom & Jerry again

All the kids left with a toy bag & a box of candy! We had another special craft to do but once I saw how difficult the bracelets were – we decided to save the Silly Visor Hats for another day. 

The kids told me it was an awesome night and they’re going to continue to work hard! Halloween doesn’t have to be satan’s holiday – especially since he’s out EVERY day anyways….

Tonight was about celebrating God’s goodness in 29 special lives!

Here’s some pics from our festive night!

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