Women of Worth (WOW) Conference…Day 1

Today began our annual Women of Worth Conference! My parents arrived yesterday afternoon so they could kick-off the conference. This morning my mom pretended to be teaching a sewing class – so she could teach the women how they need to be clothed in His righteousness, compassion, & humility. She had a lady put on a special dress where she cut out parts of the dress that were full of sin. As she would cut one area of the dress- she would bring out a piece of paper sewn into the fabric that revealed jealousy, hate, adultery, idolatry, lying, & stealing. The women were completely engaged and really loved watching mom cut up the dress! The totally understood her sewing examples and how to apply them to their lives.

We took a small break and had hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches. We also had a special song time and then we played “Hot Potato”! The “potato” represented sin. The object of the game was that when the music stopped – you didn’t want to be caught with sin in your hand. The women LOVED it! They are really competitive! It was a lot of fun!

After my mom spoke – Momma Gigi wrapped up the daytime session.

Tonight my dad spoke at the revival – preaching about the Presence of God. The people were glued to his every word! He knows how to engage & speak right to the hearts of the Haitians. They love it when he comes and shares. He had them up and singing in the middle of his sermon! I have some pictures below along with a few video clips from the revival tonight. I have some of dad speaking & also when he led them in singing!

It was a great day! Tomorrow morning I will speak at the daytime session along with Mme Nene! It rained again this afternoon. It’s rained every day this week. Lots of people suffering – holding their babies as their dirty floors become mud puddles. We take for granted the shelter that we have. While I love a rainy day – it can be total chaos for those who live around us. So many people already with colds and unable to stay dry. Please keep them in your prayers and continue to pray for our conference. It will end Sunday night!

Here are a few pics:

Here’s a video clip:

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