Women of Worth (WOW) Conference…Day 2

This morning I led our daytime session and talked to the women about how to love the Lord with ALL their heart, soul, and mind. I started off asking if some of them were hungry? So I took a bite out of some food and then offered them what was left. No one wanted my left-overs. I explained that this is the very thing we do with Jesus. We take a piece of our heart and give him what’s left. We take a part of our soul – the part that’s hurting & need healing – and we keep it for ourselves. We want to love Him with all our mind but our thoughts are full of anxiety & frustration. We want to love our neighbors as ourselves….but we often don’t love ourselves. We want to change the world….but not ourselves.

I offered them beautiful pictures to hang on their wall but before I gave them – I ripped a piece off each one. Again – explaining that God wants ALL of it – not just what is left.  I gave several other examples and really dug into those deep places that we keep hidden.

After I spoke, we played a game where a rock was placed in two people’s hands and they had to guess who had the rock. They LOVE game time!

After the game – Mme Nene spoke about how God wants us to love even those that are hard to love. She gave an example of a drunk husband. How even though what he does is wrong – we have to help him. We can be praying while we put him to bed, while we try to offer him some soup, while we have to bathe him because he’s too drunk to walk. God has called us to love those that sometimes do not deserve our love. But that we are never to give up on those people – we can spend time praying while we care for them.

The evening revival was led by a pastor from Chansolme. We had several specials tonight – one from a lady who is considered to be the oldest in town! EVERYONE was excited and clapping as she sang a special solo! I love it how everyone encourages even the least of these as they sing their heart out!

What a great day! The cafeteria was packed out tonight!

Here’s some pics and a few video clips including the very old lady singing for Jesus at the revival.

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