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We just wanted to take a moment to thank KCLC – Kid’s Connection Learning Center for such a generous donation for our Pumpkin Soup New Years Celebration!

New Years is Independence Day for Haiti! It’s the biggest celebration of the year. Pumpkin Soup is made and shared as a holiday tradition. With so many vegetables & meats – it’s very hard for the Haitians to afford this soup. It costs us around $1.50 per bowl to make in the Mole.

KCLC is made up of 190 kids from 12 months old to 5 years old. These kids went home and shared the need and also saved their own money. How PRECIOUS to receive their little gifts –  the majority made up of coins- their personal sacrifices –  like 25 cents, 42 cents,  56 cents, etc.

However little it was – they knew they wanted to make a difference and help the children in Haiti. And all those little gifts together weren’t so little as they raised right over $700.00!!! WAHOO!!!! Don’t ever think the gift you have to give is too small….because when we all come together  – we change lives!

When the children were asked about why THEY wanted to help – their responses were:

they’re poor, I like the kids, my dad has been to visit,

to help kids eat

I brought it in for the pumpkin soup.

to help kids eat pumpkin soup

to help people

for the people to have the soup

to give people who don’t have food, pumpkin soup

for the orphans in Haiti

for pumpkin soup

to plant pumpkin seeds ( ??  not quite but close:) )

to feed the kid that likes to play in sand (they saw some pictures of the orphans at the beach)

I LOVE their responses!! Each class was given pictures of two orphans and bios that Emily Spring wrote/posted through the month of October. As toddlers and preschoolers they decided to make a significant impact. SO many times this year we’ve had to say no to the things that makes their Holidays so special! What a blessing to say YES!!

Thanks KCLC! Your faithfulness and sacrifice will be shared with every bowl served!!

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