10 Nights of Christmas Movies!

Tonight begins our 10 Nights of Movies Extravaganza! YAHOO!!

For the next 10 nights we will be showing Christmas Movies that will lead up to the Nativity Story on December 24th!

It has been raining most of the day – attendance was down at church –  so we weren’t expecting many people to show up tonight! We only made popcorn for 50. But 85 braved the elements and showed up tonight at the cafeteria! We had to frantically play catch-up so everyone had a bag of popcorn.

Tonight’s movie was Beethoven! There was lots of laughter as people watched – surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights!

We show movies for a lot of reasons….but at this time of year – I want for the kids to be able to forget for just a moment  – how poor they are – how hungry they are – how dark their home is – how hard their life is.

I want them to be awed by the beauty of the lights – walk by the manger scene and think about what Christmas really means – fill up their little bellies – laugh a little – fellowship  – and let the worries of their world fade away…..if even for just an hour or two.

For children who come from abusive homes – this gives them a solid reason to leave their house! Parents will let their children come if they know we will feed them – – and they get to return late enough that their abuser is asleep. This potentially gives them one less night of hurt ….one less scar…

This also provides a beautiful opportunity for my own children to serve by passing out the popcorn and making sure everyone is taken care of. They are such great hosts and are learning at an early age what service to the King really means.

So here are some pictures from our first night!

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