Christmas Eve Service…

Tonight we had a little over 300 people crowded in the cafeteria for our special Christmas Eve Service. This is night 10 of our 10 Nights of Christmas Movies!

I asked the audience some questions in the beginning of the service about what Christmas was about. I asked if they knew why we were in the Mole. I asked them if they knew about what Jesus had done for them – the plans He still has for them – and His promise to return.  Lots of great answers and discussion!

Momma Gigi, Mme Nene, & Tizzie sang some Christmas Songs while our family passed out some VERY hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches! It seemed like people just kept pouring in tonight. At one point there were 40 people standing in the back with no place to sit. We had at least 60 teenager boys- more than double what we’ve been having each previous night. We had to go and get chairs out of all our homes and bring in benches from the orphanage cafeteria just so everyone had a place to sit. I was nervous if we didn’t find enough chairs for the 2-hour movie –  the teenagers would leave! What a great problem to have!

Tonight was an awesome way to end a beautiful day. As you’ve seen from our previous posts – this Christmas Eve has been pretty busy! We’ve been able to share the reason for the season – the reason we are in Haiti – the reason why we are even on this earth – – with HUNDREDS of people today that we normally don’t get to engage with!! WAHOO!

I hope wherever you are today – no matter how busy you’ve been – even if you’ve been doing ministry all day long – that you are able to step back and reflect on what this Christmas means to you! I know our family most certainly will!!

Love to You All – and Merry Christmas!

Here’s some pictures from tonight’s service! Because it was so busy tonight – I wasn’t able to take as many pictures – – too many people to serve! Can I just say my kids rock!?! They’ve been working so hard all day long and during their breaks they were busy making cookies for Santa and some of their friends. Tonight they were hustling along with Jose & I as we tried to serve a quickly growing crowd….service with a smile! 🙂

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