Christmas Outreach Feeding…

Oh what a beautiful morning – oh what a beautiful day! I’ve got this wonderful feeling – everything’s going HIS way!

This week we passed out 200 cards & invited the children in the community to come at noon today for a special meal. We sang some Christmas songs right before Pastor Agenor shared about Jesus.

Pastor Agenor asked the children if any of them knew John 3:16. He even offered a special prize if anyone could say it or explain what it was about. NONE OF THEM KNEW IT!! Do you realize the platform God just gave us to share about His son today? Brings tears to my eyes right now……What an amazing opportunity for us to share about what Christ came here for – what He did for us – and that He is coming back again!

When Agenor was finished he prayed over the children. I then talked to them about what I know to be true about their situations….about how difficult their life really is here. I know there are many nights they go to bed hungry. I know there are many days they don’t have any soap to wash their bodies or their clothes. I know that when they get sick there’s no possibility to purchase medications. I know when it rains many of them get soaked while they try to sleep.  I know they have experienced unimaginable suffering and much pain.

BUT JESUS IS COMING!! HE IS COMING BACK TO GET US!!! There is a day coming where we will get to be with HIM!. That there will be a place where we will NEVER be hungry….NEVER be thirsty…NEVER be sick….NEVER experience pain…..NEVER cry again! That there will be a home and a room for each one. No more sleeping in mud huts fighting off misquotes. No more sorrow. We can have real HOPE for a better life with Jesus.

One of the kids sitting in the first row said: I hope Jesus comes soon… too….me too!!!

Our staff and our children all pitched in today to provide this special meal for these sweet kids! So many of them were dressed in their Sunday best! Such beautiful kids. And can I just tell you how well behaved they were? As my kids were passing out the juice and food – we tried to get them to go row by row – person by person. Sometimes Asher & Levi would get confused and pass the food out to the wrong person. There wasn’t a kid who took the plate. They would instead point Asher & Levi to the children in front of them who hadn’t received their food yet. My own kids don’t do that! But these kids were patient and loving and they just melted my heart! I wish we could do this for them every day!

We played Christmas music and they were definitely MERRY while eating & dancing! And the food – – some of the plates were bigger than the kids could hold!

This is what Christmas is about….putting others before yourself….sharing His love!   Sometimes I think I don’t deserve this life I have been blessed by……I can’t think of anything else I would rather do than serve my Haitian brothers and sisters! Can’t believe God lets me do that!  They bless me so much more than I could ever do for them.

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