New Year’s Trip PVBC -Day 6


Okay bear with me, I’m definitely not a writer. So, as you guys have already seen, we have had a very impactful week. Today, we had our conferences for the older girls. We only had a few kids show up, but those are the kids that God brought to us for a reason. I keep thinking about how last trip we had hundreds of kids show up, but then I realize even if our numbers are few, we can make a huge impact on these few kids. Quite a few girls have showed up to learn the dance we are teaching them and are really enthusiastic about it. They seem embarrassed at first but you could tell they loved it. We performed the Freedom Drama for any kids that wanted to stay and the women’s discipleship group here. It was awesome seeing how many people were understanding and learning from it. We also had a lot of fun playing with the orphans tonight. I love seeing how their faces light up when they see us and they shout our names from across the field. Overall, it was a pretty good day. Family, I miss you all and can’t wait to see you. Leah, I hope you’re keeping your promise(; (she knows what I mean) and Rachel, I hope you’re not getting in too much trouble. (: Oh and mom, please bring a coat to the airport on Monday. I heard it’s pretty cold.


Mom, Dad, Noah, and Summer, thank you guys so much for commenting. I can’t wait to see you guys on Monday, but our work here isn’t done quite yet. God is using us in HUGE ways and I’m excited to share the stories with you guys! Summer, if you aren’t coming to the airport Monday night, will you please find a way to get my letter jacket to my parents before then. I’d appreciate it a lot. I miss and love you guys so much!

Paul and KJ-

Troy says hi. Today our bodies cried from exhaustion, also known as sweat. We are still super tired; KJ takes too many naps (only one) and makes orphans cry when he’s gone. Please pray that God gives us the energy to make it through these last few days because we are in desperate need for this prayer, especially Paul since he goes crazy when he is sleep deprived. But we do have Great News as well! Today we performed the Freedom Drama as an impromptu matinee showing for the women’s discipleship group. This is the same disciple group that PV prays for! Does anyone reading this blog remember stories from our last trip to Haiti? In March the two of us had the amazing opportunity to help a woman accept Christ after she saw how Jesus was stronger than voodoo. During the performance today, we were wondering if she was maybe plugged into the church or was even in this group. As we sat in our square after the drama we saw a woman smiling at us and we thought that this could possibly be the same woman. After their meeting was over, we found out that is was in fact the same woman from the last trip! How amazing it was to see the fruits of our labor of not just this trip but of the trip last spring. We could visibly see the impact Christ has had on her, as she seems so much happier now. When we left last trip, we had no idea what we were leaving behind with her and her newfound faith. It was great that she could see our drama again today and for us to be able to see how much she is growing in her faith! We are just so glad to share this praise with you all and we thank God for these awesome miracles!

Now it is just KJ,

I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and let everyone know that God is working in wonderful ways. As we said earlier, we are all very exhausted and worn out. We could barely function this afternoon and then we had to do the Freedom Drama in insane heat. By the end when we were all fighting sweat was dripping down our faces and bodies. We went to go play with the orphans and we played for two hours with the kids climbing all over us! This is crazy because of how tired we were. After dinner Caleb gave an amazing Bible study and we sang some great worship songs! Right now we are listening to random Disney music and Jared was playing some fun Bob Marley on the guitar. None of us are tired. God gave us the second wind we needed to finish out this week. It’s pretty amazing how He can do that so suddenly! Thank you all again for the random texts! I love you Dad and Mom! Matthew, we will jam like there is no tomorrow when I get back! And Grace. Thank you for the texts throughout the week! They are great to get, and the verses you send, and I kid you not, are at the exact time they are needed. Thank you! I love you all so much and can’t wait to tell you in person these incredible stories from here!

~ KJ Stahl


  1. Y’all are fantastic writers! I have really enjoyed reading all of the experiences y’all have been sharing. The courage and faithfulness you are all displaying is encouraging and inspiring! ….Jared of course I ate nachos but I’m gonna do one better and eat Oklahoma joe’s (joe’s if, whatever) with your family tomorrow… Just for you😜 love you and can’t wait to hear more in person!

  2. I miss you all so much! Know that I want nothing more than to be in Haiti lovin on those orphans with you. Enjoy every moment! Your trip is not over yet, not even close…so embrace every moment until you land in Kansas City. (also don’t wear shorts, it is supposed to snow tonight) Praying for you all. Miss you so much Jared! (I have a funny video of Bella to show you when you get home)

    Hannah Mellema

  3. You guys are writing such awesome posts!! It’s so cool to read all the different perspectives of the moments everyone is creating down in Haiti!!
    Hannah, I loved how you talked about the number of people who came this time compared to last. You all are affecting lives in unimaginable ways, even if you won’t always see the outcome of it. Even those few people that come could inspire friends and family and neighbors to come to know Jesus through what you’ve taught them! Never guess your impact by the number of people you actually see, since there is a whole other part of God’s plan working in their lives that you won’t!(:
    Tim, you are being so bold in your faith with these kids, I just know it!! God has used every experience you’ve had to shape you for His plan, and this is just another part He is using you for!! Keep being your outgoing, loving and approachable self to display how amazing our God is!! You can see God working in you, and that inspires others to come to know Him because of you just being Tim!! You are helping these kids more than you know even by just showing them love and playing with them!! Don’t doubt your importance in this trip because to even the few people you meet, you are helping them for the better and moving God’s plan farther! Keep letting God shine through you! I love you!!!
    With prayers and love,

  4. As always, I’m so incredibly blessed by all the blogs and pictures. God is truly at work and I continie to marvel at His work in and through you all. I see the warmth in those babies eyes as you all love on them. God is faithful. Praying for all of you all and safe travels home.

    Love you all!

    Momma Broadway

  5. Hannah, It sounds like everything is going well and you are making an impact for the kingdom. We can’t wait to see you on Monday. We are counting down the days. Leah is keeping her promise and Rachel is being good. I will bring your coat. We definitely don’t have the weather that you all are enjoying. You and the team are in our prayers! Looking forward to Monday.

    Love, Mom

  6. Hannah, you did great writing! We know you are probably exhausted but are having an amazing time. We all miss you and can’t wait to give you a big hug and hear all about your experiences. Love you, sweetheart! Mom and Dad

  7. Paul Spring – bring home a picture for the Voodoo woman. We had a good time a the HG get together. We prayed for you and the group. It was a good turn-out and lasted till mid-nite.

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