It was a late night and an early day! Our campus was lively until about 12:30am and we were all back up at 6:45am to prepare for the pumpkin soup give-away! We made enough soup for 600 bowls!

We had a crew that took soup by boat to Preskul & Karenage. They shared a devotional with both villages and prayed with them. What a special treat! They were SO grateful!

We also had a crew that stayed in the Mole. We passed out 200 cards. Everyone brought their card and a bowl with them. People trickled in for about 2 hours. As we would gather 40-50 people – Pastor Agenor would lead them in a devotional. Every person there was then prayed for by one of the team members. After the devotional and prayer – they then  received their large helping of pumpkin soup.

We would wait for the next group of 40-50 people and do it all over again. People staggered in from about 7am-9am.

I can’t thank our kitchen staff enough for selflessly working on this soup for 3 days straight! We checked on them at 4am and all of them were up – stirring the pots and cutting vegetables. They were so dedicated.

Thanks to everyone who donated to make this special give-away possible! What a blessing for so many people to start off the New Year with a full belly!


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