New Year’s Trip PVBC- Day 7

Today was a bittersweet day. Bitter because it was really the last day for us getting to directly spread the gospel throughout the Mole and the second to last day before we have to leave the Mole. But it was also so sweet getting to talk to the teenage boys. They had such thought provoking questions that it was unreal. Even more unreal was the fact that we had answers that they actually were able to comprehend. It was amazing to me because that was one thing that I thought would be different coming into the trip. I thought the most the kids would get out of it was what we said when we were speaking in large group. But I truly think the best part of the conference was the questions and answer portion. We explained to the boys that it is great that they are having these questions because it gives them such a great chance of getting closer to God and growing in their faith. There are so many things that coming into the trip I thought would be different. I didn’t ever expect the orphans to be as happy as they are. They are some of the happiest and joyful kids I have ever met, even with a lack of material items. They are just grateful for being held and they have no need for us to really give them anything physically other than time spent with them. Another thing I thought everybody exaggerated about was the bug and bathroom situation. Getting close to the end of the trip one of the things I am especially looking forward to in America is the bug free bathrooms where I don’t have to do the extremely hard two step move of the swipe and wipe. But the thing that has surprised me the most is the Haitians willingness to listen. I thought most of them would not be open to the gospel. But they are so intent on getting something out the words that we say to them. They are so interested in the freedom drama that it is uncanny. This trip has been such a blessing to my growth in my faith. I would not trade it for the world.

P.s. Mom and Dad can you please bring me a coat at the airport so I don’t get hypothermia? Kendall if my parents don’t answer on here can you text and ask them?

Miss and love you guys!



Mom, I forgot to ask yesterday, but can you bring me socks and boots to the airport too? Love you!!




Prayer Requests:

-Pray for safe travel in the next few days

-Pray that we will be able to smoothly transition back to the states

-Pray for a restful day tomorrow as we reflect on our ministry here in Haiti

-Pray for the tough task of saying goodbye


  1. Tim!!! Awesome job on your post! I texted Wanda, so with that and your post, I’m sure a coat should be waiting for you at the airport, love. I’m so glad you were able to help people to God through yet another way with your answers and experiences! Good luck saying goodbye to the Haitians! Keep on putting God on display relentlessly. Stay safe. I love you!
    With prayers and love,

  2. I’m praying that you all finish strong and empty!! Give it all for JESUS!!

    Did anyone give Miss Beth a hug for me?!?!

  3. Tim, Kj, Jordon, and Caleb,
    You have no idea how much Liberty sucks without you guys. I have never missed another male as much as I miss you dudes.
    But I can see from your posts that awesome things are happening and lives are being changed! I am super excited that you guys get to witness it all firsthand and truly see the power of God right before your eyes.
    Come back soon, because I am as bored as anyone can get without you guys.

    Your quite peeved bro,


  4. Tim,
    Just so there is no suspense, you will have a coat waiting for you at the airport. :-). Super blog, so happy to hear about your experiences in your own words. Keep shining the love of Jesus! Can’t wait to hear more when you get home.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Kaley,

    Can’t wait to see your smiling face in person and hear how God has worked in Haiti thru you and your friends!! I will bring warm clothes to the airport for you. Your toes in your Chacos may be a little chilly here in KC. Our love and prayers are with you!

    Mom, Dad, and Kelsey

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