PV Ladies Day 4…

Hello friends and family!

We started off today with our first round of classes and it went great! Betty started this morning teaching about Revelations to the original discipleship group, about 32 ladies in all. I think we can all say we learned something this morning.

Then it was Lisa and my turn to teach the Parenting class to the Orphan Mama’s. They didn’t ask many questions when we were done, but our hope is that they at least took away one thing that they will be able to use. We finished the class by making a bracelet that will help them remember to pray for themselves and their children. Keep those prayers coming as tomorrow we will be traveling to Karenage to present the class again!

We ended our day with the new group of discipleship ladies. These ladies are some of the same ones we met and prayed over on Saturday. There is about 20 ladies in this group. Sarah D. shared the gospel using the bridge illustration and finished with a sun catcher craft that they were able to take home. Tonight we are having another movie night and will be watching Toy Story. We have a lot of popcorn ready so hopefully we have a great turnout.

Wes, Hannah and Lauren- I love you guys and miss you so much!! Can’t wait to talk to you on Friday! Hope you are having a good week and staying warm! Love you!

Sarah W.

Hello from Colleen. Its been another wonderful day of ministry here in Haiti. We had some good teaching from the ladies of PVBC. I hope that it will bless the ladies here and help them to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Its been good seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I had an opportunity to talk to the ladies about Prayer Partners and to give out the pictures of the ladies in Augusta to their partners here. I am excited to bring back pictures for the ladies at home. We will be praying for each other. I got to spend some time learning some Kreyol songs and singing with some of my Haitian friends. Of course that makes me really happy.

I miss everyone at home of course, but I am happy to be here.

Lots of love,



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  1. Sarah D. – I see all those dog treats you took are paying off as Sophie is right by your side as you where teaching to the ladies. Proud of all of you. Praying for good sleep.

  2. Me to mom i really cant wait for Friday miss you see you soon hope you have a great time and maybe we could text by you writing on the blog and then i answer in the comments please respond bye
    from Lauren.w.

  3. Hi mom it’s Gabe and we doing great I hope that u are doing good also we have cooked a lot and we like it well miss u bye have a great time.

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