PV Ladies Day 5…

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from the Mole! It’s dinnertime on Tuesday and we are enjoying fresh fish and rice. We had a full day today! Betty taught Revelations this morning and talked about the 7 churches, complete with a mini church as a visual aid! The ladies really agreed with how some of the descriptions of the churches were similar to churches today. The ladies had tea and cookies, and they love sugar and salt ( sil in Creole) in their tea. Betty even danced with a few of the ladies. They love music! J

This afternoon we took a 30-minute walk to Karenage to do our parenting talk there. We spoke in their school. We had about 30 ladies and a sweet baby there, it was a much different day than yesterday. It was a challenging area, but we pray that 1 person heard the Word of God and took home something to encourage their journey as a mama. We handed out granola bars there and prayer bracelets. While walking home from Karenage we had a sweet little girl and her mama walk part of the way with us.

Later this afternoon Gayla spoke to the Discipleship ladies about God’s grace, faith and good works. Then she had a great skit! It was like a game show and each contestant presented their file to “God” on arriving to heaven and then stood on a scale to be weighed. All of us weighed in as not good enough, until Jesus stepped in for the last contestant and Jesus weighed for that person as good. The sound effects made the whole thing!

After, Mama GiGi spoke to the ladies and one asked to be prayed for to accept Jesus. She is one of the ladies we visited prayer walking Saturday. All the glory to God.

We miss you all lots! Especially today. Please pray that tomorrow God’s words are spoken, not ours.

Much love and prayer,



Hi Lauren-

I love hearing your comments every night.  I hope you are having fun at Girl Scouts tonight and that dad remembered everything! J Miss you guys! But we will talk in just a couple more days.  Love, mom

Sarah W.


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  1. Sounds like a great day!! I mean, any day that someone gets to dance with Betty is a great day :). Praying for all of you!!

  2. What an encouragement you are to the ladies you’ve been meeting with! I sent the Prayer Partners an email with a link and copy of your message. A couple verses I included were Acts 1:8 and Philippians 4:13. Lisa, when you mentioned the sweet little girl and mama walking with you, I was reminded of the lady on Preskul walking with me. I say those are “God Moments” to encourage us that the message is being heard and God is using you all. I think you should share Gayla’s game with us when you return. 🙂 Love you all!

  3. So proud of all of you. I think Gayla should show us the skit when she comes home!! Love that you are planting seeds. Remember that’s all He asks and someone else will come along to water. You saw the Harvest today with the sweet woman who accepted the Lord. I love you and can’t wait to hug you on Saturday!

  4. i dident get to do girl scouts we looked forever at school trying to find the others and they werent there and we went to helgas house and Lilys they werent and we looked on the computer and couldent find anything miss you and love you cant what tell saturday at 9;30 on last saturday gracee was gone she had the flu.i hope she’ll be here this saturday.And i love you giving me comments

  5. It’s just amazing to watch God at work through all of you ladies. Celebrating with the angels on salvation! I have to admit I’m envious of the warm sunny weather. Hugs to all! Miss you Sarah and Lisa!

  6. I am in awe of the grace given to you ladies on your journey. I’m sure the Lord is smiling on you each day as you share His presence. I admire you. I admire your strengths,your dedication and your faith. Keeping you in my prayers. 🙂

  7. I’m sure by now you know that all the reading, studying and preparation for your teaching of Revelations has touched many of the Haitian ladies. All of the seeds you ladies are planting will grow into beautiful Christian families one day. Your time and effort will not go unnoticed and the hope that you give these woman will last for generations. I miss you, but I’m so thankful for the heart you have for the Haitian people. I hope you are taking lots of pictures. Can’t wait to see them. I Love You

  8. I love the stories and pictures! So glad you got to see some fruit today. Thanks for being faithful to what God has called you to. Lives are being changed as a result!

  9. Praise God for a new believer! Good to see God moving through you guys.

    We miss you very much and can’t wait to see you on Saturday. The boys have been great helpers and we are all doing well. See you soon.

  10. I’ve been following your blogs throughout your trip and I am so encouraged by the work God is doing through you all and your willingness to go! I’m thankful that God is not finished with His plans for Haiti, and although I’m not physically there now, I know He will continue to use those like you who are available to play a small part in all He has in store for this beautiful country. That is so awesome about one of the discipleship ladies accepting Christ, all praise be to God!!! I know that it can seem overwhelming at times, like there is so much darkness and fear and so many who don’t have the truth of the gospel reigning in their lives, especially when ministering in some of the most impoverished and dark places like Karenage. But God is continuing to show you, just as He showed our last team, that our work for the kingdom is not done in vain! I’m praying for those sweet mamas in Karenage that one will have heard a nugget of truth and encouragement from your teachings and that this seed will grow! I’m praying for you all as you continue this journey God has for you while in Haiti. I’m praying for divine appointments, well-being & health, God-given words, and that He will continue to give you a glimpse at the impact you are having there. So far it looks like you all have had a lot of fun and I know that those watching can see the joy and love of Christ in you! Shout-out to Morgan, Miss. Beth, and all the Castillos – mwen sonje nou e renmen nou tout!

  11. Praise God for a new believer in Haiti, and many more seeds planted! I love reading your updates, and continue to pray for you all, as I’m sure you are tired & ready to get back to your own beds! I know God has you all there for a few more days for a reason, and I pray God will continue to bless your work among the Haitians you come into contact with! Let your lights shine, ladies!! 🙂

  12. SO grateful to the Lord for what He has been doing and will continue as His Spirit goes before you! I wonder if we could get any more grateful as women that Jesus “steps on the scale” for us…and is found to be perfect! All our measuring and hoping, sucking it in and trying to look good just reflects how often we still think we need to earn His favor. But He has already done it all for us! Will continue to pray and ask for His Words and faith to be evident in all of you, coming from the Love that changed your own hearts. He is worthy! Love you!

  13. I love these updates and pictures. It’s nice to see my sister Colleen and the others ministering to these beautiful people.

  14. Praying that the ladies have a safe flight (flights)home today! I have enjoyed reading about the ministries and your works through God ! Blessings to you all ! So inspiring !

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