Diane in the Mole!

6 years ago when I made my first trip into Haiti, I really never thought that I would be able to spend an extended time with people I have grown to love. I have been to several of the NWHCM campuses and provided weddings to couples all over the NW Zone. I think I have actually had couples from each area they minister to and that is a privilege that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Being a part of the ministry here is something I have dreamed of since the first time I arrived in St. Louis du Nord in early 2009. On each trip, I have developed relationships with the Haitian staff, especially here in Mole St. Nicolas. The ladies here work very hard preparing our meals, making sure the campus is clean and taking care of the orphan kids. They also help me with the weddings to make sure everything is done just right. They begin working early preparing the food, baking the cakes, and helping with the brides. The men here, take good care of us while we are traveling, driving us, translating for us and keeping us safe at all times.

So on this trip, I wanted to do something special for the staff here. I collected 20 pairs of running shoes and thought how fun it would be to have yoga on the beach several times a week. Wednesday morning at 5:30, 10 ladies made it to the beach, stretching and exercising while the sun was rising. It was a great way to start the day. They asked if on Thursday, we could go for a run, and as a runner myself, I said absolutely. At 5:30, 15 of us went for an incredible jog around the entire town. Almost 3 miles…that blew my mind! We had lots of laughs. They were so excited, that our goal is to run to the airstrip and back by the end of the month…that will be 5 miles. I know we can do it!

Another way I wanted to connect with them was to have game night. So last night we had BINGO night. It was so much fun. This time several of the men made it too. After just a little while they got the hang of it and really enjoyed the excitement of the game. Small prizes were handed out to the winners! They have been talking about it all day and can’t wait until next Friday’s game night!

Tomorrow after church, I will meet with the pastor and some couples who would like to get married while I am here. I am excited to meet them and plan for the wedding at the end of the month.


I’m going to ask Diane to blog each week to share about the ministry she’s doing here. She left out the fact that she’s been the kids’ PE teacher for school! At 10:00 – Beth sends all the kids outside for PE class!  She also has been helping me in the clinic.

Diane is one of my best friends and it’s such an honor we get to spend the month serving together here in the place we both love with all our hearts. I know the staff feel so encouraged by her presence.. as do I.

Here’s some pictures….I’m trying to upload a video of their morning yoga classes & jogging…. but it’s taking forever! Will try on the next post!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful sight…..I love and miss you all! Girls….love you and miss you!

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