Medical Needs in The Mole…

The internet has been down the past week making it hard to post any updates. But we’ll see how this goes!

Diane Youmans and Julie Johnson arrived in the Mole January 16th. While they were here –  we had a special pajama slumber-party with the orphans! All the mommas and children received new pjs! They ALL looked SO cute!

On Sunday Malaya & Mikela gave the lesson for children’s church! Just seeing these two girls work SO WELL together – I had to take a few pictures! 🙂

Diane & Julie also spent this past week working 4 clinic days!  Morgan (who is interning for 7 months this year) also helped us.  She did a FANTASTIC job organizing the clinic flow. Everyone had a card with a number on it – a clipboard with all their information on it –  they came when we called their number – there was no pushing/fighting – – -it couldn’t have gone smoother!! She also interpreted and dispensed medications.

We saw 40 patients in Preskul on Monday. Then Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday we saw around 150 patients in the Mole. I am SO grateful God brought Diane & Julie  here this week! They have been instrumental in reaching out to the sick/poor in this community  – which is now in even greater need.


The hospital in Mole St Nicolas has shut down due to lack of funding. The nearest hospital is now 90 minutes away by truck.

As a mission we are trying to fill in the gap. The need before us is great. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

I’m excited because this has given us another platform and opportunity to reach out to the community. It also gives us a chance to pray with people we wouldn’t typically interact with. I love it that we are able to meet the community right where it’s at. I have always loved engaging, helping, and loving on sick children & families.

I’m nervous because my children, the staff’s children, & our orphanage children visit that hospital frequently. They have sewn up Asher’s forehead at least 4 times. We could get lab work done there that I’m not able to do. I’m seeing a lot of patients that I can’t really help or diagnosis. We also don’t have all the medications we need to properly treat everyone. With the hospital shutting down – I feel like my security blanket has been taken from me in many ways.

How can you help?

1) Do you work in the medical field? We would love for you to bring in a team of medical professionals to help us serve the community. Please email me at if you would like to organize a team – OR –  if you would like to join another team we have scheduled.

2) We are already running out of a variety of medications – like worm medication, liquid tylenol, cough/cold, diflucan/monistat, scabies, eye antibiotics, etc. We can purchase many of these meds in Haiti – if we had the funds to do so. If you would like to donate funds for us to purchase medications you can do that by going online to this link and including in the notes section: Mole Clinic Needs

Or by sending  a check to:

7271 S Mayflower Park
Zionsville, IN 46077

Note: Mole Clinic Needs

3) You could start a medication drive at your church/business/school – collecting OTC medications that can be sent into Haiti with teams.

4) This one is the most important! Please be praying for wisdom, discernment, peace, patience, & a hedge of protection around our community!

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