Dr. Lillpop’s Group & PVBC 2015 …Day 6

FROM Dr. Lillpop’s Group

Their team didn’t get a chance to blog tonight as they showed a movie downtown at the town square. They had another busy & productive day at the clinic! The church tent where I triage patients was completely filled by 7:45am. I had already passed out all the cards by that time and had to turn patients away and encourage them to come even earlier tomorrow. Some had been sitting there since 6am.

They spent the afternoon packing up bags of rice to hand out in Preskul tomorrow and later got some down time at the beach! 🙂

Tomorrow is their last day…they have been such a blessing to our community! Tomorrow we will finish clinic at noon so they can go to Preskul one last time!

From PVBC’s Group

Dear Friends and Family,

Today has been a day devoted to blessing the Castillo’s and just offering thanks for everything that the partnership has given PV. What an amazing day.

First we started with giving a spa day to the mothers that take care of the orphans. So the girls did that while the guys watched the orphans. After that we held an Easter Party for some of the kids from Children’s Church. But the big plan for the day was the Luau that we were holding for the Castillo’s. I would love to tell more about the Luau but at this time it hasn’t happened yet. So I guess you guys will all have to wait for all the details on that.

God has revealed so much to me this week and there is nowhere I would rather be. He has taught me more about making sure to care for each person I come in contact with. Even though I may be sad that not every kid will be shown love in Haiti, I have realized that I should do for the one what I wish I could do for every kid. That is what He has shown me; that I can’t save everyone and I shouldn’t be mad at myself for it. But I need to give my all to the Lord to try to save as many people as possible or at least show them God’s love. Even though I will miss all of the orphan’s smiles I can’t wait to be home and apply everything that the Lord has taught me. One last message; Happy Birthday Kendall hope you had a great day!


Nathan’s Family: I lost my water bottle, and I bought a machete.

We found out today that Brian can’t rap; just kidding we knew that.

Paul and Donna,

Please bring me a sweatshirt, (the blue ULM one), and then can’t we go get some food after you pick me up? Please that’s all I’m asking for.

Thanks Veronica



Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner…although PVBC will be heading to the states tomorrow so they won’t be there to hear it!

We weren’t able to upload all the pictures tonight. The internet is being EXTREMELY slow!


Thanks for such a beautiful family night PVBC!! Thanks for making us feel so special and loved! WE LOVE YOU TOO!

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