Meridian Spring Trip~Day 1


Hello to everyone!

What an amazing trip this has been already! It is quite the trip to get here… 2 larger planes, a hotel stay at the Coconut Villa (where the pool was just as nice as everyone had described), a flight on an 8 passenger plane, then a quick ride in the back of a truck until we finally reached our destination.

Today has been a day of orientation, organization and relationship building. I feel like we have done more in one day here than I do in a day at home. Maybe that is because I have been up since 5 am…

Once we arrived here we settled in to our sleeping areas and then toured the campus and the surrounding area. On the way back we stopped and played with the orphans. We were able to pass out the clothing to the orphans and take a few of them to the beach today.

Tomorrow is another big day. Church begins at 6 am and at some point during the service we will take the children separately to have a craft and give them the bags of candy that were prepared for them. Later in the day we will do the egg hunt.

We will post pictures as soon as we can. We love and miss you all!





It is so exciting to be back at the Mole St Nicholas, Haiti with our family and friends of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Our travels were safe and on time both from the states and up into the NW Zone today via Mission Aviation Foundation.

Spent some time today doing some minor projects repairing a sink drain, installed shower hoses for the Mama’s to use bathing the orphans vs having to use just a bucket of water. Began doing some work to install some new parts in a Vulcan commercial range for the kitchen gals to have a commercial range for cooking vs their 4 burner home style range.   Created some real smiles as we gifted the cooks with some new baking pans, measuring cups n spoons, mixing bowls, can openers, etc. All those things we take for granted and have in our kitchens everyday.

Did not have a lot of time with the orphans today but Naomi yelled Tom as I was crossing the yard headed their direction………a great reminder you do make a difference when we are here as they remember our time with them.

Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow as we celebrate Easter with our Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Family.

HE is Risen!



Sorry that we were only able to upload three pictures tonight. Our internet is still very slow. We hope to upload more pictures tomorrow night.


Please leave comments for the team. We will share them with the team tomorrow night at dinner.


  1. Can’t wait to hear how your “announcement” was received. God is good! Wish we were there with you. Praying for your safety and impact!

  2. It’s been busy here too! Hope all is well with you. MCC was excited to hear that we were able to fully fund both Generosity projects! We’re excited to know that the church building will be going up.

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