Meridian Spring Trip – Day 4

Another sunny day in Haiti! It has been absolutely beautiful this week. My heart is so full right now from all of the day’s activities. The men have been working on building benches for the clinic, shelves for the store and a counter in the kitchen. I heard the men commenting this morning on how humbling it has been to see how inventive they are here with their tools. They are used to being creative where we have been spoiled by such easy access to things.

The kids and I worked in the preschool again this morning. I learned a few new words in Creole, however, Jody and Jose and their kids enjoyed hearing me try to say them, leading me to believe that I need a little more practice! 😀

After teaching the preschool class, we went to the clinic to spend time with the patients. We colored pictures and did our best to make some balloon animals. I attempted a balloon flower but I will admit that Rob Fowler wins the contest with that!

Tonight we will enjoy another slumber party with the orphans and watch the Frozen movie and just enjoy being with them one last evening. Tomorrow we leave… I am already counting the days until I can come back in July.



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