Goats for Preskul!

We just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Lillpop’s team who came in April. They were deeply touched by the people in Preskul. They left money for us to purchase 2 sets of goats for that village.

Yesterday we had two of the families from Preskul walk to Mole (3-hours one-way) so that they could receive the two pair of goats! This was such a HUGE blessing for them. They were praising God for providing for their village!

We had a special prayer time with them and they told us that today they know God was thinking about them. Today God’s hand is upon them and this act of love has increased their faith for He has heard their prayers!

We have some fishing gear that will be donated to the village as well! We are working on a net for the fishermen! I’ll post the picture of that once it’s finished!


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